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MAVERICK 360 is an innovative integrated communication and marketing agency, which was born with a single purpose: to offer impactful solutions to the market and customers.

Established in 2014, we work with a personalized diagnosis for your company, offering a wide range of strategic communication and marketing products, with the same quality as large agencies, but with a competitive edge: we are 100% digital.

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We serve customers all over the world, anywhere on Earth. This structure guarantees practicality, agility and a series of benefits. See below:

Personalized professionals network1/6
We have a wide network of professionals with expertise and different profiles, so we know which one is best suited to execute each job, planning or strategy your company needs. MAVERICK 360 works in all areas of communication. Do not waste time interviewing and managing people who are not part of your area of expertise.

Let us take care of your business for: planning, strategies, schedules, execution, scheduling, monitoring, reporting and management. You will have the service performed and delivered with the highest quality, being able to focus more on what matters: the future of your company.
Optimized performance2/6
You hire a whole team of specialists by fee, project or demand, without hiring, management, structure or dismissal costs. If this is still not enough, it is possible to allocate a header in your company for a differentiated presence and we guarantee the replacement of employees on time whenever necessary. In other words, you have the guarantee that the work will be continuous and without any unwanted surprises.
Agility and commitment3/6
Do not beg to have your work handed in on time or miss timing of advertisings or short time campaigns. We are different from traditional agencies or super busy freelancers. Here the stages of the planning, strategy, production, execution and delivery process are strictly carried out and the work flows in an agile and organized manner.
Strategic targeting4/6
We are a solutions agency. First, we carry out an integrated communication diagnosis of your business, checking strengths and also those points that need improvement. With that, we draw the best strategy for your company. In addition, our mentors with over 15 years of experience in the market and published books in the field of communication ensure that your business will be well directed.
Solutions, planning and accurate diagnosis5/6
Not sure exactly what your business needs? Contact us and one of our mentors will come to you for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. It will be a pleasure to meet you and help you in diagnosing your business communication!
Our purpose is quality6/6
Identity, value and purpose, all aligned and executed in a coherent and precise way. MAVERICK 360 has the expertise that adds value to your content, whether textual or visual. Everything that is produced by MAVERICK 360 has a value, a reason and grounds, aligned with your company's objectives.

We serve customers from different industries, with brands we truly believe in!

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