Why to invest in social media?

Digital Marketing
August 3, 2022

When we talk about digital marketing, there are several places that your company can be advertised. Ads on social networks are the surest way to show your product, company and even your image, since in the digital age everyone is connected at all times.

However, not everyone invests in their business profile, which can be a problem, since organic reach, today, in the media, is quite limited. In addition, there are compelling reasons why you and your business should invest. To get an idea, according to a study of Emarsys from 2019, 3,2 billion people use at least one social network. Yes, 42% of the world's population is in one of the social networks, which certainly represents a good part of their audience.

The same survey also showed that Facebook is still the social network with most of the followers, having at least 2.32 billion active users in the month. Data from 2019 from Globalwebindex have found a fact that we already know: the media make us addicted. The world average of time spent per day on the platforms is 2h22min.

Finally, the numbers that make the need to invest in marketing in networks even more latent: 54% of people look for products through the social media, while 73% of the companies interviewed, which already use platforms to propagate their brands, said that the experience with the return was “positive” or “very positive”.

Thinking about all this, we bring you four important reasons, which will show you how necessary the money destined to the networks is for your digital marketing strategy.

1) Greater reach

When you have a well-structured brand that supports a larger audience and you can serve them, why not invest in that reach!? Companies that have good communication gain visibility and, consequently, more conversions.

2) Practical analysis

We all know that the Internet brings brands closer to the audience.. But discovering the behavior of your audience in the media is an important step for your ads. Communication is accurate and immediate, as social networks provide complete feedback on the actions of their audience. It is certainly a great measurer in the hands of marketing, for analyzing what went well and what can be improved.

3) Cost benefit and measurement

Proximity is key, having an agile and direct dialogue through social networks saves money and time, and also gives comfort to the customer, showing that your company has a prepared team! As pages are your business card, investing in a well-trained team that understands the subject and is responsible for creating all content and monitoring the page is a gain for the company. It's a worthwhile investment because, with a well-executed strategy, financial results and brand strengthening are just the first results.

 *To learn more about investment values and costs, access the full article by clicking here.

4) Engagement

Showing your customer that you are available for quick responses and with the same tone of speech creates a bond for them to come back and be interested in your brand as a whole. Humanizing the brand, working with emotion and showing the customers how important they are is essential for the company. With good planning, the media can be used to arouse audience curiosity and interest.

After we present some of the various reasons why you should invest in social media, bet on a qualified team with experts in the subject. Wait for the results and watch your brand grow more and more in the digital age.

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Source: https://www.oberlo.com.br/blog/redes-sociais-estatisticas.

Gabriel Rodrigues
Programador | Desenvolvedor
Gabriel Rodrigues nasceu em Curitiba (PR), é estudante de Análise e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas e programador na MAVERICK 360, cuidando do desenvolvimento e atualizações de websites de clientes.

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