Why are digital influencers so important when making a purchase decision?

August 1, 2022

Influence, according to the dictionary, is the ability to “exercise a psychological action, an ascendance over (someone or something)” but the point is: why do digital influencers have this influence? Follow me and I will explain it to you.

It is a well-known fact that technological advances have transformed and continue to transform the purchase decision process. Think with me: if before the Internet it was necessary to go from store to store researching the price of that product you loved, today that is already in the past, and it is possible to see everything without even having to leave the house. And with the progress of social networks and the increasing presence of brands in the digital environment, networks have also become a great showcase. This is where digital influencers and influencer marketing could use their strength.

Influencers are people who have a loyal and engaged audience with their content on the networks, exerting a certain influence on their followers in any of the numerous existing interest segments.

But why do they have this influence?

There are several reasons why digital influencers have this power to influence their audience, but one of the most important is the credibility that these people convey, producing targeted content of real interest to their followers.

Other reasons are:

- Lifestyle

- Authenticity

- Language used

- Be present in the daily life of the followers

All these points make people who follow influencers feel close to them, as if they really know them or even feel that they are friends with those people. All this makes them trust the influencer's indication for a purchase.

Influencers as a Marketing Strategy

Yes, this is what you have read indeed. More and more companies are betting on the influence power of these influencers to build their marketing strategy. Influencers present a new type of contact between the one who produces the content and the one who receives it, through a more direct contact and a closer relationship.

According to a study carried out by Qualibest, influencers are already the second source for making purchase decisions, only behind family and friends. These are very important data, because they show the greatness that these influencers carry when selling a product or service.

But you also need to be very careful when betting on the strategy of working with influencers, you need to carefully choose the one that best suits your product/service, knowing your target audience very well, to then choose the one that is really aligned with your company/brand.

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