What lessons can the Squid Game series bring to Marketing?

Digital Marketing
August 1, 2022

Squid Game has become a true worldwide phenomenon, being the most watched series in the platform's history, with more than 111 million views, a number that grows every day.

The South Korean work depicts a group of people who are experiencing financial difficulties and decide to accept the invitation to enter a life or death game to win a billionaire prize. Then you must be wondering: what lessons can a survival series bring to the marketing area?

Believe me, there are good lessons and we list some of them below.

01 - Segment your audience well and know who your persona is

The participants of the games have one thing in common: they are all in debt or with empty bank accounts. This was the target audience of recruiters and whoever was promoting the games, meaning they knew exactly who they could approach and who would likely accept their invitation.

This is a fundamental tactic within marketing. It is necessary to know who your customers are, their profile and build your business persona. That way, it is much easier and more affordable to attract more people to your business.

02 - Identify and heal people's pain and need

In Squid Game, the recruiter knew exactly how he could appeal to his target audience: with money. Even if the person took some slaps, he/she was obsessed with getting money, after all, as we said in the other topic, segmentation led to people who really needed it.

In marketing, it is extremely important that you know what your customers need, what their pains and needs are, and then offer solutions for them. The more responses you have and the more you know what is needed, the easier it will be to heal your audience's pain and gain their trust.

03 - Make partnerships and work in group

As proposed and executed by the protagonist Gi-Hun, whoever walks in a group is always more likely to succeed. This rule also applies within the area of marketing. Seeking partnerships with influencers or brands within your niche, for example, can be a great asset for those who want to grow within the area.

04 - Disclosure is the key to success

Much of the success of the series was due to its dissemination, both on social networks and by Netflix itself. In the Philippines, for example, a doll was installed at the entrance of a mall representing the first game in the “Grandma’s footsteps” series. In Brazil, the publicity may not have been that great, but word of mouth, memes and social networks helped a lot.

Who hasn't heard a friend or relative saying: “Have you heard about that new series? That one of grandma’s footsteps?”, or even went on TikTok and saw a recipe for the candy made in the beehive game?! Well, all this publicity leveraged the series and represented well what it is to work with marketing.

Social networks are a powerful weapon and most of the things that go viral gain astronomical repercussion, so it is essential to always keep an eye on how to publicize and what are the secrets for your product to be successful.

05 - Get to know how to tell a good story

Finally, one thing we can praise about the series is its power in storytelling. We were caught in the plot from beginning to end, often agonized and distressed as the story progressed. We have felt as if we were the characters and lived their emotions, as well as have adapted to the place where the work takes place.

This storytelling tool is fundamental within marketing. Those who know how to do a good storytelling attract the attention of customers and stand out from the competition, generating interest and making people appreciate their business.

As we could see, as much as it does not seem like it, the Squid Game series has much more in common with marketing than we imagine, right?!

And many of these strategies are used here at MAVERICK 360!

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