What is the importance of the persona to your brand?

August 1, 2022

One of the first steps in creating branded content for social networks and blogs is knowing who you want to reach. With this, we can have assertive content that draws the customer's attention, resulting in interaction and bringing the public closer to the brand. Defining a persona is important to understand the profile of those who are really interested in what your business has to offer.

But what is a persona exactly?‍

Persona is a fictional customer that becomes ideal for your business. The personality is built on real data such as behavior, demographics, general information, goals, motivations, concerns and challenges. Personas are necessary to guide your content creation and digital marketing strategies as a whole.

Creating a persona will provide your company with the ideal customer, so that they can be impacted in a more humanized way. It is important to note that the persona is different from your target audience. The latter is broader, with demographic and general characteristics, such as age, gender and average salary, for example. The persona has definitions of deeper personality points, such as motivations, fears, concerns, goals, among others.

 Directing a campaign to the persona is much more effective for humanization than for the target audience that is just general data.

And now, how do I create a persona?‍

Defining who is the ideal persona for your business is crucial for a good marketing strategy: your brand always has a customer who buys directly from you or interacts daily, becoming an ideal customer that is always present. If your company has this kind of consumers, the ideal is to interview them and find out their characteristics. In addition to this technique being assertive, it makes the customer get even closer to your brand. But if you are just starting out, think strategically about what would be the ideal persona as a customer for your company, based on some points that we will list below.

For both cases, what must be defined about a persona are the following points


    • age, gender, position, marital status and personality;
    • which social networks the persona uses and what this persona looks for on the internet;

  • PAINS;





There are several tools for creating personas, which help in this detective process. Furthermore, MAVERICK 360 can help you in the process and definition of the ideal customer for your business..

I have created my personas, and then?‍

Creating personas takes a lot of work, research, and time. Working with more than one can respond to different needs and problems that make your customer come to your brand and not convert or even know your products. After all, knowing the exact problem that your company solves for the customer is one of the first steps towards a well-developed strategy.

There are several advantages to having well-defined personas in your business. Among them, we can mention branding, which will involve all your brand communication, differentiated and customer-oriented content, appropriate tone of voice, among many others.

After everything is well defined, it is time to research! Browse through the networks of competitors, brands and content that interest your customer, so you have a base of what to address on social networks and blog.

Always making a good weekly or monthly plan of content will help you separate all publication dates, topics of approach and which image to use.


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