What is the connection between BBB and Marketing?

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August 1, 2022

It is known to us that BBB (Big Brother Brasil) program has been a phenomenon since its first editions. But it was only since its penultimate edition, number 20, that the program is raising millions of BRL in sponsorships and forming celebrities and phenomena in just three months, or less.

But, after all, do you think that all of this comes organically, with time, the identification of the life story and the sympathy you get for the participant, or is it all very well planned with a marketing team of influence, long before these participants enter the program?

Following we have the text in which we will link marketing to the program!

After a good revamp in the 2020 edition, putting sub celebrities and digital influencers in the house, mixing with anonymous people, the show comes back with everything, after almost 10 years of drops and more drops in audience ratings.

Right off the bat, in the reworked edition, we already have the tragic covid-19 that forces people to stay in their homes and seek a mental refuge. And, at that time, who was there to please the masses in general? Yes, the big brother himself!

Starting with the 20th edition, with celebrities in between, it is obvious that we would see good digital media planning. A great example, that ended up gaining more than 8 million followers in the three months of the program, was Manu Gavassi, who, with her marketing team, has created several videos and campaigns related to everything that could happen outside and inside the house related to her.

In this year's edition, it was no different, celebrities copied this strategy and adapted it to their lifestyle and tone of speech. But, as we could see during the show, there was not a single person that had not been cancelled. So, we are facing a brilliant marketing strategy, but one that was not well executed by the celebrities themselves this year.

So here is the tip: plan, study, create a storytelling and do not forget to think of a marketing strategy (preferably innovative), which is increasingly necessary for the booming in the media.

Second, create omnichannel strategies!

But you ask me: what is it? Calm down, let's explain!

An omnichannel sales strategy is the linking of multiple networks used at the same time. Made to create a connection with the customer, both online and offline. A good example is when you buy something online and ask for it to be picked up in physical space, this strategy is valid for those who desire to be present in the digital world on different platforms and complementing the experience with the physical environment.

Now that you understood it, you ask me: what does this have to do with the BBB? The answer is: everything!

A great example of this strategy is Boca Rosa (Bianca Andrade), who participated in the 20th edition. The strategy was so well thought out by her and the team that the objective was very clear to everyone. She used and promoted only her own makeup products on a daily basis on the program. At the same time, the team outside the BBB house released all the makeup lines that Bianca used.

In a remarkable moment of the edition, sister Boca Rosa got into an argument and ended up crying. It turns out that she used an eyelash mask from her own brand and obviously has not smudged anything, giving more credibility and prominence to the product that rocked out here. Even though she was eliminated early from the house, she ended up selling her brand's makeup three times as much during the reality show.

And do you think the sister stopped there? Of course not, the marketing planning was so well done that every Sunday on the elimination poll she wore a specific outfit that she had already taken pictures of out of the house, and the administrators published a publipost on their networks giving credit to the brands.

For a recent example, we can use the champion Juliette, if the team of the ex-anonymous knew the advertising proportion that she would have in the country, many products that she used inside the house, which are now sold in the centers of cities, could be sold by her marketing team.

Amazing how everything planned works out better, isn't it!? Easy, there is more of it!

Third, generating an identification with the audience is essential!

Keeping your business aligned with your brand values is essential. Creating links and humanizing a brand sets the company apart from many competitors.

And where was that in the BBB? It was present in numerous discussions about racial struggles, sexuality and many other topics. One of the most recent was the comparison of the wig of a caveman costume with the black power hair of one of the participants. We all have values and principles and every brand must demonstrate what its values are.

And last but not least, insist on strategies that have worked!

Take risks, test and have no fear in making mistakes. The BBB itself used the same strategy, innovated in 2020 and repeated the dose in 2021, almost tripling its revenue with sponsors.

So yes, bet on marketing strategies that worked very well for you and repeat until you can innovate again.

Whether you like the program or not, marketing is more than alive at the BBB and, in the future, it will be even more active in its participants, after all, we had a successful case in 2020 for the anonymous and for celebrities and, also, we already had a case of failure for many participants of the 21st edition, especially those the were already famous.

"Now that we can base ourselves more on these two cases, it is easier to set up different marketing strategies, win the program or get rich out here."

For real!?

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