What is it like to work with creativity all the time?

August 1, 2022

Creativity. The activity of creating, have you already realized that?

We are all creative - some more, some less. But creativity is always active within each one, whether to create just one or another imaginary image for moments of relaxation, or to work on developing something new every day, as it happens here at MAVERICK 360.

Think about how many occasions of the day or professions make constant use of creativity: in a beautifully-taken photo, in a well-written text, in that movie that you love so much and even that snack full of ingredients that together resulted in a delicious taste... All of these things came from a creative touch.

But creating is not as simple and natural as it seems and if you wish to know why, keep reading and we will tell you!

When Creativity is a Workmate

The world of communication and marketing specifically is very creative in its essence. In fact, it needs to be, after all, attracting people's interest and building a strong brand presence demands a lot of innovation and well-designed strategies.

You know that favorite company that you think of first when you are going to buy something you really like and still remember that you saw something on social media, on TV or in a Youtube ad, for example? Imagine how much creativity it took to:

  • think of an impactful campaign;
  • plan each step;
  • develop content (various texts or script, for example);
  • apply this content visually in a beautiful and attractive way, consistent with the brand identity (arts for social networks, videos, website, etc.).

All this until it reaches you and gains space in your preference. There is creative professional involved, isn't it?!

And that is just talking a little about the environment that we here at the agency are in, but there is a lot more out there!

Creativity needs to be nurtured

You may be asking yourself now: but isn't creativity something that is born with us and that just needs to be put into practice to “materialize” something?

And the answer is NO.

In addition to using what we already bring as innate features,  creativity needs to be nurtured to develop. It does not work alone because it needs a good amount of knowledge and practice to get into action.

Therefore, the more we feed it and the more we use it, the better it gets and, then, the more spontaneous it becomes, even for the great insights that arise even “unintentionally”.

Working creatively all the time, so that is it. It is exercising it almost without pauses and, if it insists on not showing up for a few days (it happens, after all, it is a mental mechanism and highly impacted by psychological and emotional issues), the force of habit makes its work at least a little.

How to feed your dragon, I mean, your creativity

Even if you do not work professionally directly with creativity, having it increasingly in your routine is an excellent way to develop and add a differential in several areas of your life.

Here are some tips for you to become more creative:

  • Be curious. Curiosity motivates, generates interest and makes us seek new knowledge and work our brain out;
  • Read, study and always try to retain information that can be rescued in the field of ideas;
  • Get out of the comfort zone;
  • Get in touch with other people, discuss matters, exercise your mind;
  • Create. A muscle only gets stronger with training, so creativity needs creation. Write, draw, prepare a surprise for someone, personalize something… Anyway, always look for something new.

So, what did you think of the tips? If you liked these, we have one more to give: have fun with the process and enjoy!

If your company is in need of creativity in communication, count on MAVERICK 360, we have plenty of it to apply in the best strategies for your business!

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