Webflow: the advantages of producing and having your company’s website in the platform

Digital Marketing
August 3, 2022

If you have come this far, it is because you have probably heard about Webflow's website developer platform. By the way, if the reader of this article is a designer and knows how to use the tool, MAVERICK 360 is hiring (please send curriculum and portfolio to rh@agenciamaverick.com.br). We start here talking about one of the main advantages we have found in Webflow: intelligent absence of coding.

It was designed, since its establishment, in way in which the assembly of a website is a non-traumatic process, which does not require extraordinary changes to the source code. And then your thoughts are: wow, but it must be a mess. No. The code used by Webflow is very well written and clean.

*Test and try Webflow for free by accessing  this link.

Doubtlessly, the tool is much more flexible, customizable, powerful and intuitive than others on the market such as Wix, WordPress and even Squarespace.

There are several features and creations that can be done on the Webflow platform, as it bases the cloud experience on an intuitive and very uncomplicated work. See some of the benefits below:

  • Include images, sliders, etc.;
  • CMS creation;
  • Possibility of making an eCommerce of the highest quality and flexibility;
  • Visual CSS editor;
  • Flexible grids;
  • Existence of native forms;
  • Creation of DVIs and sessions;
  • Hosting with CDN and image optimization with CDN;
  • Export of codes and folder structures;
  • White Label;
  • Open API;
  • Multi devices edition.


Here we mention just some of the possibilities of the tool that is used here at MAVERICK 360. As a complement, we have the plus of being very easy to migrate your site from another platform to Webflow and the system provides easy learning when making the changes, with the availability of explanatory videos (in English) on how to perform each task. Another positive point that we always use when we need to convince about the use of the platform is the fact that it is completely optimized for SEO.

Finally, one of the biggest and most significant advantages for anyone who is new to both programming and design, which is what happens to most customers, is that it is the simplest platform available to edit the site once it is ready, adding images, text and whatever else is necessary, all this in the website's own interface, without having to enter an administrator for this to be done.

Rick Garcia
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