Visuals really are everything: learn more about design

August 3, 2022

Some people say that “out of sight, out of mind”. This is still true, but we say more: anything that is badly seen or welcomed will be forever ignored. And you can bet, this is a maxim in the world of communication and design.

Design is a key part of the visual identity of your business and, consequently, of your brand. It makes the standardization of your company's image happen, which contributes a lot to the growth of the universe of what the brand offers, making the consumer feel part of the environment.

We are talking here about telling a story, the famous storytelling, through visual elements, bringing them to the same plan and making them harmonize with each other. Here balance and variety are essential. Therefore, at MAVERICK, in addition to having your piece made by specialist professionals with a lot of experience, you will have a very well-founded concept, with variety, movement and harmony.

Another very important design concept is anticipation. It is essential that the professional in the field predicts the reaction of people in relation to their work. A visual identity, for example, cannot only be beautiful, but must have a concept, that is, an added value that is priceless. Moreover, what differentiates designers from people who believe they have a notion of design is consistency. Creating quality and coherent work is a challenge for those who are not immersed in the world of creation.

Space, similarity, contrast, attention and clarity are also maxims for the work of professionals. Not only in design, but in all of MAVERICK's processes and work, we value quality, agility and organization. We believe that steps are essential to maintain a high level of excellence and meet deadlines.

Last but not least, design concepts permeate interaction and feedback. In the first one, it is extremely necessary that the spectator, client, or consumer identifies with the created concept and they, the consumers, are the ones who dictate what went right and what went wrong.

Design is present in every way you present yourself to your audience, ranging from visual identity to packaging, through business cards, envelopes, graphic presentations, proposals, letterhead, online material, product catalog, menus, gifts, among others.

Rick Garcia
Sócio-diretor | Publicitário
Em sua carreira atendeu empresas reconhecidas internacionalmente, destacando entre elas a RPC (afiliada Globo), Fundação Banco do Brasil, Claro, Oi, Cyrela, THÁ, Jandira Alimentos, Chef Vergé e Bem Me Quer.

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