Understand the importance of ghostwriters

August 1, 2022

Saying that online communication and social networks are important is to live in the past. Today, they are of utmost importance. A communication strategy that doesn't cover the digital medium and does not worry about content marketing is very likely to fail.

With this growth in online communication - even greater in times of pandemic and social isolation - and with the focus on delivering relevant content, companies have invested more in blogs, e-books, sending newsletters and materials to social networks. Planning and writing all this content, however, takes time and work, especially when you have no technical knowledge to produce and communicate assertively and with language appropriate to the proposed objectives. That is where communication professionals and the role of ghostwriter come in.

It is this professional who will write all this strategic content for you or your company. With social networks, this function - which is already old and quite common in the literary universe - became popular and we started to have professionals dedicated to “being” a company, corporation or public figure in these channels.

The ghostwriter can write from a simple post for social networks to articles, speeches and announcements. Therefore, this professional should not only be limited to know how to write or know how to use digital media. A ghostwriter must be able to read the client, to understand this client broadly and deeply, incorporating this persona (whether public or business) into the way of thinking, so that the writing really reflects who should write and not who is writing.

 In the case of a spokesperson for a company or a public figure, for example, it is the ghostwriter who will say what that person would say, will think as that person would think. This professional must know and be able to communicate any subject in the exact words that the person he represents would use.

This is a strategic role, which may seem easy or simple, but that demands a broad view of the market, the company, the competition and the customers themselves. Precisely for this reason, it must be performed by an experienced professional.

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