Tips for creating successful content on social media

August 1, 2022

Being able to see that successful content that went viral, with thousands of likes, comments and shares, attracting a new audience to the brand and generating important conversions, is very good, isn't it!?

Attract a new niche that you had not even thought about reaching and this niche ends up becoming a hardcore fan and active consumer of your brand, and all this because they saw a successful post on their social networks.

With the right tools, specialized professionals and a lot of study, you are able to enchant these new followers, making them convert and become active customers for your business.

But producing successful and quality content on social media requires a lot of time, planning and learning from trial and error. So, to get you started on the right path, let's give you some golden tips. Check it out below!

Get to know your audience

There is nothing better than knowing who you are talking to, what your behaviors are on social media and the language you are going to use. Meet the ideal customer, create personas, study their pain, find out what they like so that your content is assertive!
We have recently published an article about the importance of persona for your brand. Access by clicking here.

Also try to know the audience that engages with your posts. For example, if your company has a larger number of male fans but the highest engagement is among women or vice versa.

And finally, know the location of your audience. This will make it easier to align the language and to think about actions and campaigns according to the geolocation of your followers.

Make a monthly plan

Try to organize the topics that will be covered in the coming weeks or months, always separating different topics by day.

But how so? It's simple, create a spreadsheet with subjects you have seen working good on your social networks and generating a lot of engagement, then put a category on each day that generates a subject and that has a connection with your brand.

Start by planning two weeks and increase as the posts work, but never discard those that you thought did not work due to lack of engagement, often the post creative part can have been affected too. Perform a thorough analysis.

Do not forget the commemorative dates and those that match your business! Be early with the schedule, research and have knowledge on the subject!


Convey emotion to the audience

Analyze what is important to your audience, see which content catches their attention the most and conveys emotion when seeing the publication.

The neuromarketing, as we technically call it, which is nothing more than “nobody buys an ad, but the emotion it generated”, is fully linked to the creation of your persona, as you will already know the pains that your company can solve for each of them. For example, if you have a butcher shop, focus on the happiness and anticipation of the person who gathers family and friends every weekend for a barbecue.

Try to generate an emotion that the person feels right away and share with the person’s family and friends.

Create valuable content

Content that adds value is best seen. People follow the publication regardless of its format, be it a video, a photo or a link.

Creating valuable content goes hand in hand with neuromarketing. Passing information that adds to the reader is something that helps you, whether it is a tutorial, a recipe or the solution of something complex.

Try to arouse the person's interest along with the emotion of seeing your content, for example, when you tell the story of your company and all its meanings, this generates a possible admiration in the audience, making them think "I did not know that" and end up sharing so that other people also know your company.

Be above average

After planning and studying all the previous steps, it is time to produce. But at the time of writing the text, it ended up being not enough. Nothing worse than promising and not delivering to your audience.

So, dedicate yourself! Go to the end, if you have engaged to produce the content, study and research a lot, have a commitment to your audience: perform tests, access the content of our blog, research the competition, produce, reproduce, rethink, read and remember that, in some cases, conveying the message clearly is what matters.

Your focus is to be above average!

Professional image

After following all the previous items, we arrive at the part that will catch the audience’s attention at first: the image. But at the time of posting the image was not all that you were thinking. All the work went to limbo, nobody saw it and it does not convey anything.

Always prepare beautiful, attractive, modern and attention-grabbing images. The arts are essential to having successful content, from images from publications, stories, highlights, websites and blogs. They sell your product on first contact.

You have come this far, but did you think there are a lot of steps to be followed and a lot of time invested in research and planning!? And there are indeed!

But do not leave your company out of social media. Invest in subject matter experts who care about growing your brand in the digital environment!

We take impactful solutions from anywhere in the world to every point on the planet.


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