Three reasons for your brand to invest in a blog

August 1, 2022

We have talked a few times here about the growth of digital media and the need to include content marketing in the communication strategy. And doubtlessly, an old tool in this medium, but one that has great effectiveness and a very important role in any digital strategy, is the blog.

A blog? Yes, a blog. We know you might be wondering: “there is already so much content on practically all subjects on the Internet, what good is it for me to create a channel to bring one more content among so many”? And we agree that there is a lot of content out there right now. But we ask you: who is better than you to talk about your business, your product and the way you operate?

Therefore, the first good reason to keep a blog on your website is precisely this: to demonstrate your knowledge of your business and the market in which it operates. Consequently, this generates credibility for the company and its spokesperson, increasing customer reliability - a very important factor in the purchase decision.

The second good reason is the possibility of educating your target audience. On your blog, you can show the importance and relevance of your services or products, helping the consumer to make a good purchase decision. For this, you can talk about issues related to your segment or area of activity or even about market news. In addition, by offering content that is relevant to your target audience, you increase the chances of being remembered by your future customer. We explain: imagine that there is a person interested in your product. But this person is starting to research the features or how the service you offer works. If the person finds good content on your website at this initial moment of research, he/she is more likely to remember your company more than a competitor that does not have this type of digital strategy when he/she decides to perform the purchase or hire the service.

Another important matter is the optimization of your site in search engines. And this is the third good reason for your company to have a blog. Do you know content marketing? In addition to having money to invest in online advertising, you need to invest in good digital content - also called rich content. This makes your company have more pages to be indexed on Google, improving its relevance and, consequently, attracting more visitors.

In the midst of all this, however, there is a catch: do not leave your blog out of date. Entering a site that even has a blog but has not been updated for months can have the opposite effect: instead of attracting, it scares away the customer. After all, the lack of updating conveys the idea of carelessness or even misinformation on the part of the company in relation to the market. In addition, the site loses relevance with Google, harming the digital marketing strategy.

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