Three mistakes your company should NEVER make in communication

August 1, 2022

When we talk about business communication, we are covering a whole universe that encompasses a series of departments and areas: internal and external communication, digital marketing, advertising, media, press relations, influencer marketing, branding and several other platforms and channels. What happens, with some frequency, is that company managers do not usually give so much importance to the marketing and communication sector, which is a big mistake.

Thinking about that, we will show below three serious mistakes that no company, in any sector, should commit when we talk about the basic principle that manages human relationships: communication. We cannot help but remember the cliché that “out of sight, out of mind”. In fact, this is a maxim because there is no point in having the best product in the universe, standing out from competitors, if you fail to communicate this to the public in an assertive way, right?

01 - Business plan: you are not working for you‍

It is impossible to talk about communication in companies without going into the business plan. That is why we always emphasize how important planning, research, competition study, public, personas, definitions and economic viability are before thinking about opening any business, no matter how assertive the founders and entrepreneurs may think they are. This data will guide the entire business and communication strategy, which makes the work less onerous, more assertive and considerably reduces the company's risk of having serious problems.

Here it is important to remember that when we talk about communication and planning, we have to think outside the personal pattern of the business owner, but within the personality and tastes of the ideal customer, which makes the company continue to prosper. For example, it is useless for me to open an emporium of sophisticated drinks and foods and make a communication aimed at the C class, or to think that, because I love French wines, my audience will love it too. That is not how it works. My persona, for example, may have completely different tastes from mine, even though they belong to the same social class and have the same standards of living. So get out of the box, trust professionals to carry out these studies and follow them to the letter.

02 - Do not forget the rule: the return is proportional to the investment‍

There is no use in investing only in organic and believing that your company will sell all of its products and services. “Oh, but Coca-Cola…” Before you finish thinking, I will tell you: it is one of the brands that invests the most in advertising in the world, with about 4.5 billion dollars annually, according to its released balance sheets. And the company is what it is just because of it. If you decide to drastically reduce investment in communication, dissemination, marketing and publicity, you can be sure that, in a few years, some competitor will surpass you.

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That is why it is essential to have balance: investing in valuable content, made by experts and that add to your audience, in addition to providing service and information. Other than that, it is important to keep your business branding and integrated communication up to date, even starting from very basic points that any company needs today: Google My Business, an updated website and well-formatted social networks. In parallel, make an investment, however small, in advertising and, mainly, in digital marketing. But here's a golden tip: even though the available value is not ideal, it is very important that it be continuous.

03 - Do not trust your communication to amateurs‍

Nothing against beginners and amateurs, quite the opposite. All good professionals have already been interns and have gone through several stages in their careers. However, when we think about business communication, there is a great responsibility that involves a series of factors. Also, always remember that it is never “just a post on social media”. Today, the amount of information available on the web is absurd, so even in a small scenario, yours needs to stand out.

Therefore, your company's communication should be dedicated to professionals: journalists, publicists, marketing graduates, copywriters, traffic managers, social media, designers, etc. These specialists have the knowledge to correctly direct your business plans and strategies.

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