The importance of strategy in political marketing

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August 1, 2022

Municipal elections are approaching and, with it, the flood of content, ads and information about precandidates, candidates, proposals and improvements also begins to sprout in all media and channels, both online and offline.

With the digitization and advancement of technology in recent years, and especially in the period in which we are experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic, it is indisputable that the political campaign is no longer summarized to just distributing flyers, holding events and TV commercials, moving to the digital environment, with many more cards focused on strategy, planning and quality, instead of just quantity.

The fact is that, without a good strategy and political marketing actions, there will no longer be efficient communication between politicians and voters. As in other media, there are rules (check them out by clicking here) for the dissemination of candidates in digital media, but there are infinite actions that can be carried out online to have a qualified audience and expose ideas and proposals in an objective way. Below we list some of them:


1 - Planning, team and strategy

It is no use wanting to run for councilor or mayor in the elections and not having a very well defined communication and political marketing plan. Just think that even politicians, who are in the rally for reelection and are well-known names, have a strong communication team with experienced and qualified professionals.

If you are not part of those widely known, your network of contacts alone will not be enough if you do not have an effective strategy to be used. Choose your communication team well and highly value their backgrounds. Finally, there is no point in starting and thinking about strategies a month before the population goes to the polls. As much as the time allowed for campaigning and advertising is relatively short, planning is something that must be done in advance.


2 - Choice of channels

A survey of perceptions consultation, carried this year out by Critério, heard 52 precandidates for mayor to find out about the actions that each of them is adopting, or will still adopt, in these municipal elections.  

The result is that 78% of respondents say that social media is the priority channel: about 68% point to Facebook as a priority, followed by WhatsApp, with 33% of adhesion among the precandidates. Therefore, choosing the channels that will be the most used and where more efforts will be applied is fundamental.


3 - Go further in digital marketing

It is not just social media that a political campaign lives on. It is important that the political marketing strategy intelligently and assertively includes all channels in which it is possible to maintain recurring communication with the audience and, above all, to attract more and more leads to its base.

A very important tool in the scenario is a landing page to capture leads. It can be used, in the political marketing scenario, as a candidate's cover letter, also for specific actions and events.


4 - Contents

One of the most important points, when we talk about political communication strategies, is, doubtlessly, the content. That is why it is important to have a specialist on the team, a journalist or writer with experience in the area, who creates content that values the history, shows the reasons why the person should follow the candidate and, above all, the proposals and commitment.

Another objective here is to know how to write for each of the channels: the message can be the same, but it must be transmitted in a segmented and targeted way on each channel, be it a website, a blog, Facebook and Instagram profiles, offline media, newsletters, WhatsApp, etc.

When we talk about content for forms, the ideal is that the user has to put only the most relevant and necessary information. For example, if the candidate is using that particular channel to structure a list of contacts who will receive information by email, it is important that the email is a mandatory field to fill out.


5 - Beware of hype and spam

As many people turn up their noses at political content and, in many cases, block the sender or direct them to spam, here it is worth using filters and pondering with regard to the choice of the audience. Of course, the idea is for the message to be successfully transmitted to as many people as possible. But it is important that the strategy and planning are integrated and aligned with the objective and, of course, it is not to be denounced on social networks.

So, integrate channels, update mailing lists, be careful with sending SMS and broadcast lists on WhatsApp and even more with buying company mailing lists.

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