Remarketing: understand what it is and how it works

Digital Marketing
August 1, 2022

We are sure that this situation has already happened to you: when you do a Google search or enter a website to purchase a product or service, you access social networks and start being “pursued” by an ad for exactly what you were looking for previously. Is this magic or guesswork? No! This path is nothing more than what we call remarketing nowadays.

The strategy, created by Google Ads, allows, with algorithms and tools that cross data between platforms, a user to be impacted several times by an ad that, based on searches or on the website they have accessed, is of interest. It can be impacted on blogs, social networks, content sites, online newspapers and partner sites linked to Google's display network.

We have several models and types of remarketing strategies: that is why it is always essential to talk to a professional specialist in the subject to outline the planning and actions that best suit your business.

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Remarketing types

Whenever we talk about pioneering and creating digital marketing, we remember Google. And remarketing would be no different: the first idea that most experts in the field think of when they hear the word is on display networks.

When a user enters a website for shopping or booking accommodation, such as, for example, Netshoes or Booking, a cookie is automatically installed in the browser and, when leaving the websites, various advertisements from these same pages begin to be displayed to the user. Depending on the rank that the company has in Google and the strategy used, the ads shown can be more or less customizable.

Another giant that adhered to remarketing still in 2012 was Facebook and, consequently, Instagram. The cookie installed in the user's browser is Pixel, and the ads can be displayed in the space destined for them on Facebook, in the feed of the platforms and also in the stories.

In this universe, we still have remarketing lists for the search network, which display ads to website visitors when they search for something on Google.


Advantages of using remarketing

In addition to being a very efficient tool for online campaigns, stimulating a company's sales and conversions, it can also be used as a strategy to increase your target audience, make users sign up for a certain list, offer a reward and promote a brand, either by disclosing and reinforcing branding features. Remarketing boosts the return on investment (ROI) for all advertisers from the most diverse areas and market segments.

Basically, it delivers the right message, at the right time, to the right people, as the reach and targeting is given to the audience that is already interested in buying, having a range of personalized customers.

The contents reach more qualified users with more depth and segmentation, generating more assertiveness. Website charges for this type of ad usually vary depending on the amount of target audience, as well as time. Finally, the company can still have access, directly on the platform of each of the technology companies, to various data and campaign numbers.

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