Reasons why a logo should be customized

August 1, 2022

It is practically impossible, when we talk about services, to have three or four jobs done and then only pay for the best of them, or the one that we were most satisfied with. And when we talk about products, the reasoning is no different: we cannot order three glasses of ice cream, for example, of different flavors and, after trying them all, only pay for the one we liked the most. But then you may say: “yes, but I can ask to taste flavors before choosing in an ice cream shop”. And of course, you are right, in fact you can. But look, you must adapt and choose from the types available at the ice cream shop. They will not make an ice cream just for you. Also, if the personalized ice cream service exists and you want some that is cajá-with-plum flavored and you end up not liking it, you will have to pay for it in the same way.

With a logo it is no different. It is an extremely personalized project, which requires study and a series of steps. To give you an idea, I will list below the basics through which the complete process of creating a brand, since the naming, goes through here at MAVERICK 360.

Naming consists of structuring a name. We take into account factors such as: ability to make an impact, conciseness, ease of writing and pronunciation, pleasantness of the sound, transmission of the message, ease of memorization, innovation, possible acronym use, references from other languages, etc. The stages of development are:

- Understanding of the brand's culture and values;

- Analysis of internal and external factors;

- Identification of the market share that is planned to be obtained (positioning);

- Research of market references;

- Search for images that translate brand concepts;

- Domain and INPI (Brazilian Institute for Intellectual Property) consultation;

- Presentation of the finished material in digital format (web).

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The making or adaptation of a logo goes far beyond the design, illustration and typography. The brand is responsible for establishing market presence and ensuring the success of your business against the competitors. Creation goes through the steps:

- Understanding of the brand's culture and values;

- Research of market references;

- Search for images that translate brand concepts;

- Work with craft idealization and evolution, handmade with paper and pen;

- Creation of a complete visual identity with a network of conceptual meanings;

- Definition of color palettes;

- Definition of primary and secondary sources and their uses;

- Texture creation (if necessary);

- Application in digital mockups for better visualization;

- Presentation of the finished material in digital format (web).

- Explanatory Brand Book in digital format (web).

Phew! Yes, a well-made visual identity goes through all these steps and many others. In addition, we still have the development of later graphic materials, applications, creation of a mascot when necessary, quantitative and qualitative research depending on the magnitude of the project, among many other phases, research and studies.

Therefore, making multiple logo options within a project is impractical. First, because the impression is that you do not believe in your work and did not understand the briefing. To offer several options, it is necessary that those who hire the service understand the process and are willing to pay for the work.

What usually happens, when the professional divides the effort and time into alternatives, when we talk about something so personalized, is that the time available for the execution of the work is not enough and excellence in what is offered is not achieved. Therefore, when we execute branding projects at the agency, we record the briefing meeting, carry out an in-depth study and execute the project with excellence and professionalism.

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