Organizational culture and communication: why are they related to each other?

August 1, 2022

Did you know that organizational culture is more than having “mission, vision and values” stamped on your website? A company's culture is linked not only to theoretical concepts, but also - and especially to - practice, to everything that is done on a daily basis and, above all, to how it is done.

This means that: there is no point in selling a concept to your client and, in practice, doing it differently. It seems obvious, but reality often ends up being exactly like that: far from theory. And you must be asking yourself: ok, but what does this have to do with communication?

And I answer you: everything! Mainly with internal communication. After all, your business is not just made by you, the owner or manager. The real people responsible for applying the organizational culture in practice are its employees. And could you tell how much they go along, understand and agree with your business values?

So… That is where internal communication comes in - which needs to be clear, direct and assertive from the beginning of the hiring process. After all, there is no use in having professionals with excellent curriculum if, from an internal point of view, they do not fit to the organization's culture. And do you know why? Because in the medium and long term this ends up reflecting negatively on the relationship with its customers.

A practical example: here at MAVERICK 360 we have been digital since our establishment in 2014. Remote work, therefore, has been a reality for us ever since. And, from this reality, we have learned that planning and some processes are essential for us to be able to deliver excellence to our customers - in fact, a few days ago we talked about the importance of planning here. And, although we have a very flexible culture, there is one point that is never negotiable: the deadline for each job.

Therefore, here, we consider it essential that all employees and partners involved with the agency understand and follow these points. For these are the main characteristics of our corporate culture. We are always looking for people who are organized, proactive and in tune with our values, as we understand that the curriculum is often less relevant than the employee's level of integration into the team and our culture. And how do we identify that in anyone? Communicating!

Internal communication can be challenging, but it is a fundamental pillar for synergy between the company and its employees. Not investing at this point can be a shot in the foot and undoubtedly bring future losses.

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