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August 1, 2022

How to succeed on your company's social media?

Starting with the basics, the organic post is nothing more than content without investment in ad platforms. The result, interaction, views and clicks will depend entirely on the engagement of your own audience. The sponsored one, depending on the content and objective, is a post with investment to reach different audiences; create engagement and interactions; and/or generate important conversions.

But how are you going to be successful on social media?

When we talk about company pages on social media, we are not dealing with a simple subject. For a company to succeed in the networks, it is first necessary to have a defined business strategy, analyze the objectives, the right positioning for each post and, above all, the audience you want to reach, always defining the right locations and the right interests. For this, nothing better than using empathy: putting yourself in the place of the consumer of the product or service, always asking yourself questions such as whether that ad or publication is suitable for your profile and if the content is what you would like to receive or see.

It has been a long time since Facebook completely knocked out the reach and engagement of companies. According to the company's former vice president in Latin America, Diego Dzodan, “Facebook is a social network made by people for people. Companies that want to be in it must pay for it“. After studies of reports, it is possible to see that Facebook delivers in the first hour to only 1% of your audience that likes or follows your page.

At first these actions were viewed negatively by many. However, sponsored posts can be very worthwhile in the hands of those who know how to use the right tools. Today, it is possible to generate important conversions with a simple investment, creating a great segment for your company and making it very advantageous for your business.

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But there is a but in all this information: often, if you sponsor your posts, they end up not generating the results you expected, attracting an audience that is not interested in your company/product and all the amount invested ends up wasted, without having reached the desired objective.

It all summarizes to good media planning and medium and long-term commercial strategies. Therefore, choosing to make an organic or sponsored post will depend a lot on the goals and plans that you, together with your advertising agency, have set aside for each post during the month.

For both cases, it is essential that the posts are well-crafted and targeted to the right audience. Therefore, count on the team of experts at MAVERICK 360 to develop the ideal strategy for your company's social networks.

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