Not everyone knows how to write

August 1, 2022

The title sentence may seem a little pretentious, pedantic, or damning. But no, that is not its goal. With this statement, we just want to say that mastering the standard  language (of any language) is not enough to know how to write properly for the different communication channels.

It seems obvious so to speak. It reminds us of writing classes at school, where we should learn how to write articles, reviews and even letters. But in practice, what we see is that not everyone understands that different media and communication channels require different ways of communicating through them.

Given that, writing is increasingly undervalued - precisely when the opposite should happen: with an excess of channels, adequate writing prioritizes the message and values its content, thus avoiding noise and serious communication failures.

Let's get back to the obvious: the way we communicate a subject via email is different from the way we communicate via Whatsapp, which, in turn, is different from the way we communicate the same subject via Facebook. This difference in form - although the content is the same - occurs because we are using different channels to convey a certain message. So, does not it seem logical that the communication of a corporation or company should be different on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter?

And this considering that the audience receiving the message is the same (customers, partners and communities in general). If we are talking about communication with the internal public (employees, outsourced workers, etc.) the thing also changes. That is why hiring professionals capable of writing - and not just fluent in any language - is essential for any company, in any area. A professional who works with writing is trained not only to write without errors in grammar (this is the least!), but, above all, to know how to communicate a certain message to different audiences and in different channels.

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