Nobody's going to read it anyway!

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August 1, 2022

Got surprised by the title? Well, know that this statement is much more common than you might think. We at MAVERICK 360 say so! We have heard variations of this rather misguided idea many times: “oh, but nobody reads anything properly these days, so whatever”.

In other words, let the writers struggling with that.

And your brand too.

Believing in this idea that investing in quality textual content is a waste of time is one of the big mistakes you can make in your company's communication strategy.

And in this article we will tell you why. Come together with us!

But isn't it just posting?

Definitely not. Until you get to “post”, there is much more complexity than it seems.

An efficient strategy requires meticulous planning and the execution of each step needs to follow this detailing. Therefore, when we speak in text, we need to know to whom and where we are communicating the message.

Each platform has a specific language within its own language aimed at the target audience of each brand. It's no use writing anything assuming that no one will read it, because yes, whoever is really interested in your products and services will read it.

And this is where the key to the issue comes in.

When reading, the potential customers will realize that that content does not clarify their doubts and pains, much less shows credibility and authority in the subject, and, thus, they will certainly move forward, following in the search for the solution of the problem and discarding your brand.

Notice that: even if your company could help them with a product or service, there was not enough trust to try to strengthen ties in the purchase decision process.

And that is just for starters. So, is just posting enough?

A picture speaks a thousand words. Or not.

Let's imagine the following: if you, as a consumer, enter a website and there is only the layout and some images that illustrate what the company does, but without any type of information described, will you know what are the differentials of those services, where does the company operate, how can it help you and what are its quality criteria and the products it works with?

When entering a social network and in your feed or search a photo from a business profile appears, without a single sentence and only emojis in the caption, would you be attracted or confused, scrolling down to see other things and quickly forgetting about the image that has just passed?

So it is. Communication needs to be completed.

In fact, this is one of the main points: we live in a scenario in which we are constantly bombarded by an infinity of contents, but what differentiates them in our preferences is, doubtlessly, those that have quality, clarity and a genuine positive impact on what is being being broadcast.

In no way are we saying that images and arts are unimportant and an essential part of effective communication. The reflection we bring is precisely that the message is not efficient with negligence in any of the formats used in a well-defined strategy, mainly due to the simple assumption that one is more relevant than the other.

“I, as an example, don't even like to read. So what?”

Right now you may be standing there on the other side thinking: “Oh, but I prefer watching videos or listening to podcasts for quick and dynamic access to content and information. I don't need and I don't even like to read.”

Really? And could it be that, until reaching your screen or headphones, these materials have not gone through a process of textual ideas and scripts to guide production, recording and editing?

We assure you that most likely yes.

Once again, therefore, textual production and integration between media and formats are essential for efficient communication to attract, relate and retain the audience of any business.

In addition, it is worth remembering that your brand must convey the essence of the business (and yours, as a professional), but you must always keep in mind that it speaks with the audience with customers - future and current - and, therefore, it is necessary to think about what is strategically best for the company's marketing and branding and not just for your personal taste

Quality textual content is not foolishness but a great ally for your brand. Working it correctly in its various formats (blogposts - like this one -, social networks, websites, releases, notes and others) is investing in building your company's positioning as a reference, authority and quality before the market and the audience.

And more than that: it is even a sign of care and zeal, both with your own company and with customers. And rest assured, they know it too!

Enough of thinking that “nobody will read it anyway”. Because someone will! The right consumers for your business will. And, believe me, the will know the difference that a good text makes, regardless of the channel they are reading on.

And if you want to guarantee that you will not make mistakes in the texts for your business communication, count on MAVERICK 360! We have an expert team to produce the best content according to the particularities of each business and platform!

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