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Digital Marketing
August 3, 2022

Digital marketing is not only about social networks and performance. It is much more than that: diagnosis, planning, social networks, monitoring, interaction, advertising, Google and social ADS, sales funnel, inbound, branding, visual identity, added value, public relations, brand reinforcement, intangible value, conversion, press relations, content production and many other activities that encompass a good digital marketing strategy.

MAVERICK 360, as its name implies, provides a 360 solution for your business, without you having to hire several suppliers to design your company's communication, both externally and internally.

In addition, we are proud of being an agency ahead of our time: since the birth of MAVERICK in 2014, we have been digital. Yes, we are. We have professionals connected around the globe ready to serve from anywhere in the world, to every point on the planet.

The specialists who work with us are, above all, specialists in each of the functions. The mentors' idea has always been to give employees freedom and deliver a superior product or service to customers.

To get an idea, here, for planning and executing a program on social networks, we have at least five professionals involved: the mentors, Rick Garcia and Fabíola Cottet, who coordinate the processes with their more than 15 years of experience each in the areas of communication, journalism, advertising, marketing and designer; a journalist or advertising copywriter for the production of textual content; a designer for making the arts; and, finally, social media for post planning, social ADS and measurement of results. And it is the same for all services offered: you can be sure that you will be served to and the service will be performed by specialists with expertise in the area in they operate.

Another great advantage of MAVERICK 360 is the processes that are adopted. For each of the services provided, which result in the delivery of a quality product, we have very well defined processes and deadlines. For example, when we structure, plan and execute a website, the procedures adopted are:

  • Briefing: here we make a call or meeting to understand your expectations regarding the service, objectives, strong & weak points, ideas and, mainly, understand your business;
  • Division of tasks and production line: from there, we decide which specialists within MAVERICK 360 will execute and plan the project, according to the profile and expertise of each one, placing the service on our production line;
  • Textual content: for the website, the contents are always developed first, by journalists and the headlines adjusted by advertising copywriters. All texts produced undergo a thorough grammatical review;
  • With the text finalized and approved, we move on to the layout part, executed by experienced designers who always translate the brand's concept;
  • After approval and finalization of the layout, the assembly and programming part is performed. That is, we join the design with the textual content and add CMS, animations, forms, etc;

In addition to minimizing the risk of future changes, in this way, we also guarantee that the final product will meet your expectations, as each of the stages passes, before moving on to the next, through your inspection and approval. This makes work easier for both the agency and the client.

We cannot forget to mention here that, as we are digital and work with the best specialists in each of the projects, we obtain fair and competitive prices, with a quality far above average. Ah, another pride we have here inside MAVERICK 360 is that, just as energy and the world are changeable, so are we. We have the flexibility required to adapt to projects and, in addition, we are constantly improving.

Finally, our mentors have 15 years of experience each, in the areas of design, advertising, communication, marketing, journalism and press relations. All strategies are discussed together with the team of professionals, always thinking about adding value to your brand, generating results and making your company a reference in the market in which it operates.

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Rick Garcia
Sócio-diretor | Publicitário
Em sua carreira atendeu empresas reconhecidas internacionalmente, destacando entre elas a RPC (afiliada Globo), Fundação Banco do Brasil, Claro, Oi, Cyrela, THÁ, Jandira Alimentos, Chef Vergé e Bem Me Quer.

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