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August 3, 2022

Surely you have already entered a super lively website, which sells products, for example, and gave up on the purchase because you did not find all the information you needed, the product description was faulty, the explanatory content was poorly written, or even the company's social media did not add the least value to the product or the brand.

This is a very recurring problem for companies: forgetting to give due value to the textual content placed on their channels, whether in print or online. Stay alert! This can be a mistake that will cause your business to lose credibility, the sale, or both.

With the internet and new ways of communicating, many people claim to be able to produce content in a professional manner and with the same expertise as a specialist in the subject, that is, an advertising copywriter or journalist. But make no mistake: writing properly, according to the current norms of any language, for a segmented audience, knowing who you are talking to, adding value to what is transmitted, with contextualization and direction, is not that simple.

In addition, good content can help you rank well on what is the biggest search engine in the world: Google. There are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that are inserted into texts and make your website better positioned when keywords related to your product or objective are searched, generating more visibility, credibility, clicks or sales. But we will address SEO more deeply in another article on the MAVERICK blog.

 *Would you like to produce quality content? Contact us at https://www.agenciamaverick.com.br/contato or email us at contato@agenciamaverick.com.br.

There are several ways to deliver attractive content to your audience that go far beyond a simple blog article: ebooks, audios, podcasts, videos, webinars, lives, seminars, image captions, in-depth articles, textual content for social media, among many others.

However, there is no point in having content on the site if it is not read by your audience. Therefore, at MAVERICK, when creating texts, you will always be attended by a professional specialist in the subject: journalists and advertising editors.

In addition, we use techniques to add even more value to your brand and make it more attractive: content curation, catchy titles, research on trends and topics in vogue in the corresponding scenario, agenda planning, structuring, frequency and periodicity, multimedia content, relevant links, thorough grammar review, SEO techniques, relevant texts and no repeated production.

We use the principles for each and every text produced, including inbound marketing and press relations strategies (learn more about the concepts and importance of the press office by clicking here). Would you like to produce quality content? Contact us at https://www.agenciamaverick.com.br/contato or email us at contato@agenciamaverick.com.br.

Fabíola Cottet
Sócia-diretora | Jornalista
É co-autora do livro "Em pauta: manual prático da comunicação organizacional", publicado pela Editora Intersaberes. Jornalista, especialista em assessoria de imprensa e gestão de crise.

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