Learn how Pix can boost your online sales

August 1, 2022

Pix, a new instant payment system, developed by Banco Central do Brasil (Brazilian Central Bank), is still in the testing phase but promises to transform the way money is moved and transferred, in addition to revolutionizing and further increasing online sales

It is already working, but not yet available for all clients and platforms. On its first day on the air - restricted to some users, guests and some financial institutions that released it to a specific segment of customers - it handled around 50 million reais in 135,000 transactions. The application comes with the promise of being easy to use, having high processing speed and technology.

The functionality is valid for both companies and individuals and is used to make transfers or payments to companies and individuals.

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Pix for online shopping and selling

In e-commerce, Pix promises to bring much more speed for the transactions made. How? It will be an available form of payment, just like we have credit cards, bank slips, among others.

 One of its first advantages over other forms of payment is that it will allow instant transfers at any time. Even with credit card, which is the most used payment method for online purchases, the transaction processing time can take a few hours. Not to mention the bank payment slip, which takes up to three days to be compensated.

Consequently, with the amount debited at the time of the consumer's account and credited to the seller, the delivery time can be speeded up.

We add to the advantages the accessibility at the time of purchase, that is, many sites sell only by credit card and, with Pix, even those who do not have the card will be able to buy because everything is done on time and in the form of debit.

Not to mention that, for those who sell, transfer or buy, Pix is the cheapest means of payment, because for individuals it is obligatorily free. Some financial institutions are also offering the functionality at no cost to legal entities. However, in the case of legal entities, the collection of fees is released, but the functionality promises that they will be much smaller than the transactions of traditional transfer methods, such as DOC or TED.

Finally, it is also worth remembering the immense benefit to the seller in receiving the value instantly, in a maximum of 10 seconds. This does not happen with any other payment method that already exists.

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