Is your company communicating well?

August 1, 2022

When you go to a website and there are endless advertisements and different information.. It is uncomfortable, isn't it? Is your business like this, full of information that suffocates your customers, or does it have assertive communication aligned with your goals?

Too much information can, indeed, have the opposite effect to what is desired. Instead of attracting your customers, it drives them away or, instead of enlightening them, it confuses them. It's like Tom Zé would say, in his song Tô: "I'm explaining it to you, to confuse you".

Therefore, the first point that you - or your communication team - should keep in mind is: It is not possible to talk about everything. It seems obvious, but in their eagerness to get into what in communication we call “hype”, many companies lose focus on what really matters: reaching their target audience.

You are likely asking yourself: what is hype about? The origin of the term is somewhat controversial. Some say it is the abbreviation for “hyperbole” - that figure of speech that resorts to exaggeration. Others say it is a term equivalent to being on the rise or being trendy or even riding the wave of the moment.

They all make sense because, in the end, the hype ends up being that big retail chain's takeaway with a promotion that resonates with some controversy that happened at the BBB or, that post with a slightly acid humor from a brand that uses social networks to take a position on the latest political events, or even the manifestation of a particular company about some national or international tragedy that caused great commotion. In the end, everyone tries to ride the wave: whether to sell a product, to strengthen a brand's value, or even to generate empathy with their followers.

Is it bad? Not necessarily. But it can be very bad if there is no strategy. Talking about everything that resonates, or wanting to always be getting into the hype, can even generate more organic engagement or even bring you new followers. But what portion of this audience is, in fact, the right audience for your service or product? How much conversion does this generate? Also, we must mention the great risk you face when the hype of the moment involves sensitive and controversial issues, and that a misstep when positioning yourself can bring intangible damage to the brand's credibility.

Therefore, in order to evaluate all these issues, analyze the pros and cons, and decide assertively and truly aligned with the purposes of your business, you must have a trained team in the area of communication. Here at MAVERICK 360 we have professionals able to outline your company's strategy and define your communication planning.

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