Instagram: Five tips to improve sales and generate leads

August 1, 2022

Instagram was created in 2010 with a very different purpose than what we have today: at the time, the platform only wanted users to photograph, apply filters and publish the images for the network of followers to see, like and comment on. Well, with the popularization of the tool and the evolution of features, today it is an ally of companies in generating leads, sales and conversions.

The important thing is to first identify and carry out a persona study of your audience, as well as assessing whether it is or not worth investing in the production of content and ads on the platform. Today, in most cases, it is interesting because it is important to, at least, be where your customers are. However, a business profile without content, without planning, without interaction or poorly managed is of no use.

Remember that, according to data from the platform itself, 90% of users follow at least one company there. They use Instagram for the most diverse purposes: relationships, promotions, branding, brand positioning, and even conversions and sales. With that in mind, we created this list of five golden tips for your company to improve sales and generate leads. Check them out!

01 - Profile description and link on bio

The “bio” is the only area where you can put a clickable link on the platform inside your feed (we also have the “swipe up” in stories, in organic mode for profiles with more than 10 thousand followers and, for ads, in general @). Through it, you can direct the user to your website.

Also, you must be clear, direct and objective in your profile description. The best formula, which has no mistake, is to first say who you are and what you can offer, without further ado.

02 - Create valuable content

In addition to the importance of adding content that conveys information and brings benefits to followers, with planning done by experts, it is important to maintain a frequency of posts according to your audience. For example, if you sell clothes to a young female audience, regularity is even more crucial as your target audience is certainly on the platform every day and, in most cases, more than once a day.


03 - Do not forget the stories

They are small videos or photos that stay on the screen for 15 seconds and, in addition, are more accessed and seen than the feed, making it (if you have more than 10 thousand followers on your profile) being even easier to call the public to your own page, in the “drag up” function. Your company can tell stories, post backstage, run promotions, polls, interact, etc.

04 - Invest in ads

We have already talked about this here, but it is worth remembering: from the moment you want to generate revenue with the networks and you are a business profile on social media platforms, THEY ARE NOT FREE. That's right (access the full article by clicking here).

There are several possible strategies and targeting if your company wants to invest in ads on Instagram, which is connected with the Facebook business manager. If, in the previous study, you detect that it is worthwhile, the result will be very fruitful.

05 - Make partnerships, relate well with your audience

A good strategy that can be used to improve conversions on the platform is to partner with influencers, those who have an audience that is in line with what you are looking for or with your business personas. These agreements can be remunerated or not, it all depends on what is agreed directly with the profile.

Finally, it is no use being present on the platform, having quality content, advertising and partnering if you do not interact and respond to your lead in chat or comments. Be aware: like, reply, comment and share posts!

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