Important notice: social networks ARE NOT FREE for your business

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August 1, 2022

That is what you have read in the title of this text indeed: social networks are not free for your company. Do not worry, we will explain the reasons. Platforms are a way to be where your target audience and customers are. However, if your company's goal is to convert, expand the audience, attract followers and get more customers through channels, there are two things you need to do: deliver quality content and invest in ads.

Social networks constantly change and improve the way they deliver content to users. And when we talk about social networks we mean all of them: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. The process of displaying posts to users is based on algorithms that take into account a number of factors and cross-reference data, both from who creates the post and who receives it.

Data and organic reach

To give you an idea, the estimated delivery rate, or organic reach, of published content is a maximum of 10%. That is, if you have 5,000 followers on Instagram, for example, only 500 people will organically see the post. If the profile is a business one, this rate may drop even further.

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And what is the reason for this? It is simple. Just like any company, social media platforms are controlled by profit-seeking companies. Therefore, they are free only for the end user who does not want to take advantage of them other than what is offered to them: connecting with friends, sending messages, following companies and channels of their interest and interacting with their audience in a personal way. In addition, the gratuity for the end user comes with two very important bargaining chips:

       1. Personal data and information: although protected by privacy law, the legal regulations that regulate the Internet still have a long way to go. So, to be part of these platforms, the user makes a series of information available to developers: personal data, likes, images, amount of time spent on the platform, how much and which stories they watch, location, among a multitude of other interests.

       2. The user is the product: yes, all personal profiles on social networks are products. After all, to whom are platforms going to show ads and sell advertising to if they do not have a massive audience, with the possibility of segmentation and condensed in one place?

Furthermore, another important detail is that the audience of the networks is not yours or your company's. It is from the platform in question. If your company deactivates the account maintained on the networks, surely more than half of the page's audience will be lost. Therefore, we always advise inbound and other online strategies related to digital marketing to bring this audience into the company's page, making them a lead and contact on the company's own base.

There are basically two exchanges with social networks that can be used for better performance: production of quality and quantity content and, sometimes even more efficient than the first, monetary investment in ads. These advertisements can be targeted in different ways and even targeted only to their followers, if the objective is a specific campaign for them.

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Improving organic reach

Now that you are convinced that social networks are not free for those who want to take advantage of them: whether to increase the audience, convert, improve the branding, reinforce the brand or reach a larger share of the audience, of course there are some hints that we can give you to improve the engagement and reach of organic content a little bit.

The first and most important tip is something that permeates all marketing actions: know your audience. Understand the needs, problems, desires, pains and tastes of your followers, in this way, the content is much better targeted so that it can generate interest.

Then, it is important to deliver content frequently, qualified, of value and that arouse the interest of followers. In addition, the most appropriate thing is to produce in a way that is directed to the focus of each platform. For example, Instagram is an extremely visual network, so using coherent and compelling images is essential. Twitter, on the other hand, requires flashy copys and summary power, with links for the audience to click if they want to know more.

Another point that must be taken into account is interaction: create a bond with your brand's followers. Interaction generates interaction and the more likes, comments, shares and messages you get on your page, the more the networks algorithm will understand that your content is important.

Finally, other available resources that help: use of hashtags, lives, stories, reels and integration with other social networks.  

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