How to choose your company’s name

August 1, 2022

Undertaking and starting your own business is a challenge, we know that well. What happens is that, in most cases, some very important aspects of the process can be overlooked if you do not have the proper knowledge or support: the name, or naming, as we usually speak in advertising language, is one of them.

What business owners usually do is leaving the name to be established later, since we can put the “trade name” in the business. This is a failure, especially when we have many legal and accounting bureaucracies to incorporate a company. Let me explain: registering the name is extremely important and can avoid a series of future inconveniences, such as another company requesting the usage rights and you having to change your entire brand overnight. In addition, many factors must be considered: corporate name, trade name, branding, conceptualization, online domain, trademark registration, etc.

To help you, here are some tips on how to start the process of choosing your business name. Check them out!

01 - Think about concepts and the soul of your business‍

A good name, first of all, makes you feel something. Your business name should do just that: convey to the audience what your company wants quickly, directly and without too many complications. This process begins with the conceptualization, purposes and objectives of the company. It is also important to pay attention to the storytelling, that is, what is the story behind the brand, the link between the owners and the company and a little bit of the partners' trajectory.

Remember that when we talk about creative work, there are no ready-made formulas and rules that must be 100% applied. For example: not every name needs to be short. Every new company has a history and it must be respected. The name of your business must suit it, but it needs to express and make you and your audience feel.

02 - Put yourself in your customer's shoes‍

Although there are no magic formulas, we do have good practices. Think of a suitable name for your business and know that, before the maxim that “a good name has to be easy to remember”, it is necessary to create memories. With very few exceptions, companies that have become a global or local reference in the market in which they operate do not only have a short and easy-to-memorize name. They invest in professionals for creation, develop studies and think a lot before releasing a new product, in addition to constant marketing work.

However, it is no use naming your restaurant, for example, with something that refers to “homemade food” or “grandma's food” and serving caviar and foie gras. Or wanting to establish itself as a steakhouse when the name of your business refers to vegetables and seafood. In this case, we fall into a contradiction, which is not good when it comes to conveying a sensation or message, as it causes noise in communication.

03 - Be realistic with the purpose of your brand‍

Do you know where the name “Netflix” came from? It is the fusion of two words: net, for internet and “flix” which refers to an American slang for movies. That said, we invariably think of the brand as stripped-down, rebellious, modern, technological, irreverent and ahead of its time. All this because of the name.

Well, that is why it is important to be realistic and stay true to the brand's concepts and purposes. It is no use having slang in the name and being a conservative company. It is nonsense wanting to convey seriousness to a traditional law firm, for example, and think of a cool and funny name. Remember: although there is no “ready formula for creating naming”, it conveys A LOT about your company and needs to be done, thought of and studied by market professionals.  

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