How the pandemic changed consumer habits

August 3, 2022

Social distancing has changed the way many people see the world. With the physical and social isolation of everyone around us, we have entered a new reality, causing our routines to undergo marked changes at work, in the way we have fun and socialize. All these transformations affected the way we consume products, media and content. Billions of people had to adapt and began to consume them in a different way than they were used to.

It is unclear how long this new reality will last. What everyone calls the "new normal" can adapt to the moment we are living in, many working, consuming and maybe even socializing in their homes.

With an uncertain financial future for many people, impacted consumers are curbing their spending and looking to immediate needs. But still, people who have cut unnecessary expenses wish to, somehow, distract themselves and try to help those around them who need it most.

According to data from Uol Economics, “61% of customers who purchased online during quarantine increased their purchase volume due to social isolation. The highlight was purchases of food and beverages for immediate consumption, which grew 79%.”

All these changes in daily life have led the population to prioritize the questioning of "why", "how" and "when" to consume such a product.. All this made communication professionals think of different strategies to meet the needs and behavior of the public in this new reality.

 Professionals who work in the area and are able to understand consumer behavior at the moment we live in will be prepared to adapt to the "new normal" and, consequently, will come out ahead with rethought strategies that can be accurate in execution.

We have recently produced an article with digital marketing tips for your business in times of a pandemic. Click here to access the contents!

While all these changes are happening, we ask: how is your company present to consumers in their homes, in this new reality? Is your company adapted and prepared for the "new normal"? Are you showing up right for your consumer audience and for the new audience 24/7?

Whenever we look for new ways to adapt to a totally new and different environment, we can experience several complications. We at MAVERICK 360 are more than prepared to help you at different times in your company and structure communication with our team of experts. Your company needs this digital transformation in this new reality, as well as to maintain a constant audience for the "new normal" that lies ahead.

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Guta Bolzan
Gerente | Jornalista
Atua com comunicação há mais de 16 anos, possui vasta experiência com comunicação pública e gerenciamento de crise e já atendeu contas de relevância regional e nacional, entre as quais: Governo do Estado do Paraná, Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná, Laboratórios Frischmann Aisengart, Marel Brasil, Grupo PoliService e Grupo Ecoverdi.

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