How much is your service worth?

August 1, 2022

Regardless of the area, those who work with services and are entrepreneurs have heard the following sentences: “oh, I want more clients, but I do not have the budget”, “I want to invest only the minimum”, “I need a good, cheap and fast service”, “ah, it is expensive, is there a 50% discount?”. Yes, the issues related to quality versus value do not stop there.

Let's start from the beginning: there are several factors involved when hiring a specialized service. Professionals, levels of experts, quality of work, responsibility of the service provider, taxes, companies and suppliers, bureaucracy, guarantees, planning, processes and many other details.

We have already talked here about the time required for a quality service, click here to access.

When we talk about communication, we who are in the area have already heard “but it is just a little text, you can produce it in 10 minutes” or even “it is a simple thing, just a little art and a campaign”. No, it is not just a “little text” or a “little art”. As much as the experts actually write the text in 10 minutes (of course, in the vast majority of times this does not happen), they can only do this precisely because they are experts. The professionals invested financial resources and a lot of time in their training, in addition to continuing to invest, as they need to constantly update themselves.

It is no use, the good quality of a service is directly related to the added value and time. And cheap ends up being expensive.

For example, here at MAVERICK 360, to make a “simple” social media post, we have at least six professionals involved in the process: the copywriter (advertiser or journalist), who studies the topic, the client and creates the planning and content; the designer, who is highly specialized in the area of digital creation and makes the post art; the social media, who schedules posting, triggers, monitors results and generates reports; the performance specialist, in case the content is driven and is part of a campaign; content management, who reviews everything related to the area in question and; last, but not least, the art manager, who checks and endorses the creation of the visual department. Not to mention my endorsement and that of my partner, mentors of the agency, that we always check any material that comes out for the client's approval.

We also talk on this blog about the creative process and leisure. Click on this link and read the full article.

The process mentioned above is just one of the services we provide. There are plans and procedures that have a much higher level of creation or complexity (in addition to the expertise of the employees involved): press relations, visual identity and logo creation, campaigns, ads, digital marketing, launches, sales funnels, influencer marketing, elaboration of e-books and a series of others.

At MAVERICK 360 we always value (and a lot) the delivery of the service with two factors that are decisive in our philosophy: quality and deadline.

To achieve excellence, we need truly skilled people - the agency's experts are seniors. In addition, only those who work with services know the value that good planning, embedded within internal processes, has. It will define or not the success of your campaign, post, logo, consultancy, marketing actions and etc.

And, finally, I invite you to reflect: whatever your performance is, do you think that the amount charged for your hour/delivery should be lower, even knowing the investments in time, knowledge and effort - physical and mental - involved? I bet not, right? So why try to justify or price the work of other companies and professionals based on factors you are most likely unaware of? ;)

Therefore, a good quality service and delivered on time is not “cheap”. It must, indeed, have a fair price, compatible with the market value. At MAVERICK 360, we have in our philosophy the culture of highly valuing professionals and staff, which is why we guarantee excellence throughout the process!

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