How much does it cost to invest in social media?

Digital Marketing
August 3, 2022

This question always comes up in the minds of many people who want to have greater visibility on social networks, especially when we talk about business profiles, but do not know where to start. We are going to explain step by step, so you can optimize your company's media.

We think that an investment only becomes a cost if your company doesn't have a real return. So, we believe that the social media and digital marketing definitely cannot be seen as “costs”. Each and every audience that your company reaches and impacts with a post is already valid as an investment. The trajectory that will make a person become a client or consumer of your content is linked to the message and purpose of your networks. Having constant posts, interacting with your audience, daily monitoring, investing in digital marketing and keeping ads running on social media, are golden keys for your business to take off, keeping your audience and, at the same time, having more and more people. interested in your company.

But after all, what do I need to have a well-built and attractive social network?

Here are some tips on what we from MAVERICK 360 have prepared with so much care:

1. You have defined your company's communication objective, now let's start with the visual identity. Nothing more believable, efficient and cohesive for followers, visitors, leads and potential customers than to come face to face with a well-structured, visually beautiful and defined brand in the communication. The arts are the first impact to define whether or not a person will consume your brand. So, invest and trust your visual identity in those who make it beautiful, well done and are an expert on the subject.

2. Brainstorm ideas and filter the best ones and, periodically, according to the posting plan and also in line with your company’s posting schedule, showcase the key topics and subjects your company needs to position itself or talk about, for  the professionals who take care of the media. They will certainly request or even schedule a briefing meeting (which is essential for the development of the work), but the more prepared and aligned the ideas are, the better.

This information is very important for the production of textual content, which is the direct message passed on to followers and audience and that can generate conversion to your product or service.

3. Nothing worse than you asking about a product, or just a doubt, and the company taking hours and hours, or even days to respond. It cuts the mood and may give the person time to go after another supplier or brand. So, invest in monitoring your networks, for quick and accurate answers bring comfort and conversions for sure!

4. Having daily posts on social media is definitely important for your audience to visualize your business, and it is also essential for organic growth. Social media algorithms work better with constancy, and doubtlessly your company will be more highlighted and will have greater engagement.

These are just a few tips and actions from many others that we at MAVERICK 360 perform for the success of our customers' social networks. Be well seen, create an impact on your digital media and get conversions so that the entire investment is visualized in a real way!    

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Gabriel Rodrigues
Programador | Desenvolvedor
Gabriel Rodrigues nasceu em Curitiba (PR), é estudante de Análise e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas e programador na MAVERICK 360, cuidando do desenvolvimento e atualizações de websites de clientes.

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