How important is the interaction with customers on networks?

August 3, 2022

Are the channels that your company makes available for customer service still only the traditional ones: by phone, email or in person? Here is a warning: you are making a big mistake!

Interacting with customers through social networks, in addition to being a quick and interactive conversation, shows that your company is up to date and in tune with the communication trends of the moment. Other great reasons are the displaying and the stimulation of curiosity in the customer to know other products or services presented by your brand, all through the social network.

"But my company still works with email or phone service." With the changing times and the advancement of technology, it is extremely important that it adapts to modernity. If the company insists on going against the grain, the brand's growth will be slow and, possibly, in decline.

But after all, why does my company need to interact on social media?

As 2020 passes, we have been able to follow countless companies investing heavily in the new digital age, which has arrived to stay!

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A more humanized customer service, that is fast, clarifying and with an interaction that has the image of your brand, will provide the attention your customers deserve. In addition, a business social network is like a catalog of all your services and products within easy reach. In this way, customer satisfaction will increase and this will have a direct impact on your sales, promoting the business.

It is time to take a step forward and create real customer engagement. Brands need to accept their role as part of a whole, showing their human side, and that, before selling a service or product, they want to deliver themselves to an honest and faithful relationship.

After all, what is the company that does not want to grow, right? The social media train is still in constant motion and now is the right time to jump on that train and grow your business name faster. An effective monitoring clarifies all the doubts that the consumer has, passing a professional sight and at the same time relaxed, always valuing the importance of winning the customer in a short time of conversation.

Do not leave the creation and monitoring of your company's social networks for later, count on the MAVERICK 360 team of experts for the production of all content, monitoring and much more!

Rick Garcia
Sócio-diretor | Publicitário
Em sua carreira atendeu empresas reconhecidas internacionalmente, destacando entre elas a RPC (afiliada Globo), Fundação Banco do Brasil, Claro, Oi, Cyrela, THÁ, Jandira Alimentos, Chef Vergé e Bem Me Quer.

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