Four reasons for you to produce institutional videos

August 1, 2022

Videos are attractive, didactic, easy to consume, can be inspiring and bring the user closer to the brand. They have become indispensable for social networks.

We have no doubts when we say that video is definitely the language of social media and, with the pandemic, we live in a moment in which the options of formats have grown exponentially, both in professional environments and in personal moments of relaxation, facilitating the connection of brands with their audience.

For companies, producing quality institutional videos is a must! They aim to strengthen the brand, help with sales growth, facilitate the integration of employees, among other goals programmed and scripted in advance.

We highlight below four reasons for you to make institutional videos.

1 - It creates intimacy with the target audience

The closer your company and your customer are, the more they will identify with the product or service you are advertising in the video. When the customer has any questions about your company or product, they can easily find them in the videos produced.

2 - It conveys emotion generating conversion

A well-produced video generates a different emotion than a normal text or publication. When the intent is clear, it conveys a sense of concern for the audience, in addition to humor, urgency and inspiration.

This is because this feature has well-produced, beautiful images and an editing that make total difference with the right cuts synchronizing the music with the images, image treatment to give more color and extra information such as caption and description.

3 - It gives confidence to the customer

People believe what they see in the videos, as they are real images of the company and the advertised product or service.

They help in deciding about a purchase and are present at the most decisive moment, generating sales conversion. It is clear that buyers prefer to watch a detailed video that answers their questions.

4 - Video attracts traffic

When we talk about a video platform, YouTube automatically comes to mind. With Google as the owner of this network, which is fully linked to the search engine, resulting in an expressive number of 41% more clicks in searches in relation to written content.

In addition to showing that 28% of all Google searches are for YouTube videos, a survey carried out by Talkshoppe for Google and released on November 5, 2020, says that "91% of people have increased the time spent in the service during this period", revealing that the consumption of videos increased dramatically with the pandemic.

And with the end result, there is no need for focusing on youtube only, your video can generate traffic to other social networks profiles of your company and, consequently, the production of just one video, and it may also yield you several customers on different platforms.

But make no mistake, the production of an institutional video goes beyond taking your cell phone out of your pocket and starting filming. A professional production can be separated into stages and take weeks or months to complete properly!  

With the year 2021 approaching, do not let your company's networks stop, count on the MAVERICK 360 team of experts for the production of all content and much more!


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