Five tips to avoid making mistakes in the service via WhatsApp

Digital Marketing
August 1, 2022

A few posts ago we recalled the importance of having adequate content and aligned with the guidelines of each social network (click here to access the article). This is a fundamental issue in any marketing strategy and should not be ignored. After all, bad content can, in addition to not generating engagement with your target audience, cause image problems for your company and even generate crises that are difficult to overcome.

And if this is important on all networks, it is even more essential on WhatsApp. This application has always been popular and, although it already had many supporters in its business version, the pandemic has made an even greater number of companies have a presence on the network. According to data from the Benchmark Snapshot study, carried out by Zendesk, throughout this pandemic period, there was a 101% increase in WhatsApp use by customers who prefer to chat two-way with companies.

Being present, however, is not enough. It is necessary to be attentive to the real needs of the customer and remember that WhatsApp is not just a sales channel. First of all, it is a relationship channel.

With that in mind, we have separated some tips for your company not to slip in communication and - most importantly - to make your customer satisfied. Check them out:

1- Be agile

When the customers get in touch via WhatsApp, they want a quick response. Of course, it will not always be possible to respond to the customer on time. But the answer must be given in the shortest possible time.

Taking a long time to respond, in addition to leaving the customer frustrated, can undermine the possibility of conversion - in that time, the interested party can find another solution or find a more agile competitor.

2- Respect schedules

Set an opening hours in the application itself and respect this time - especially for sending unsolicited messages from the customer. Do not send advertising at inconvenient times. It is invasive and the chances of having the costumer loathing the brand are huge.

3- Beware of spam

Speaking of advertising, in addition to taking care of the sending time, you need to pay attention to the frequency. Precisely because it is a more intimate application, do not overdo it with publications. By the way, it is always good to make sure that the customer agrees to receive messages via Whatsapp.

4- Good writing

It may seem obvious, but it is not. And many companies have grammar deviances in online conversations. It does not mean you have to be 100% formal. Conversation on this channel allows for a certain informality. However, doubtlessly, slipping into Portuguese is very bad for your company's image. Also try not to use slangs, abbreviations or very technical language.

5- Be professional

The first impression is what counts, isn't it? We rarely have the opportunity to change a bad first impression a customer had about our business. Therefore, even if the language is a little more informal, always keep a professional posture.

Use a unique business phone number and do not mix it up with your personal application. NEVER send chains (it does not matter whether they are religious or superstitious) and under no circumstances send fake news or messages with subjects that are not relevant to your business.

The application has several features to make your company's experience and contact with your customers even better. Do you have any doubts? Contact us. We can help structure your company's communication and define digital marketing strategies.


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