Five reasons to focus on your company's digital marketing

Digital Marketing
August 3, 2022

Much has been said about digital marketing being the savior of businesses in the pandemic and after it. Whether online strategies will be the saviors, we do not know, but they are no longer an option and have become an obligation and a necessity.

Mercado Livre (purchase and sales website) carried out a survey to identify the evolution of consumer habits in e-commerce (access the complete study at this link). To give you an ideia, in the first week of the pandemic, the increase in searches for general products delivered at home grew 100%. In the fourth week, the percentage of growth was already around 387%.

In addition, it is not only the purchase of products online that has increased, but also the search and demand for digital services: seven out of 10 respondents declared that, after the outbreak, they will continue to use digital resources, such as payment methods, for example. For illustrating, according to the same study, between week 1 and 10 of the pandemic, online bill payments increased by 71%, transfers made via the web or apps grew by 66% and, finally, top-ups to mobile via online means increased by 21%.

Figures published by the company PredictHQ indicate that, in February of this year alone, the concern about the coronavirus led to a 500% increase in event cancellations and postponements. Businesses and companies are in crisis and the arrival of the digital age has caught many off guard. In this scenario, digital means are the perfect option for your company to continue selling your products and services successfully. The time is now to bet heavily on online structures and invest in digital marketing. Below we have prepared five reasons to convince you on this matter. Check them out!


1 - Digital marketing costs less

No, we are not saying that it is “cheap” to invest in online platforms. We always comment here that the result is directly proportional to the investment. If your company invests little, the result is smaller. Look, we are not saying it is bad, but the maxim of online business environment today is true, you do not live on organic anymore, you have to invest to stand out.

And yes, it has an infinitely lower cost when compared to other traditional means in advertising. In addition, a well-crafted digital marketing strategy generates much greater reach, performance, assertiveness and efficiency.


2 - The customer comes to you

When we talk about one of the digital marketing techniques, which is a sales funnel, we make your customer come to you in a non-invasive way, with assertive content that always adds value to your brand, in addition to appearing for the right consumer at the right time.

3 - It is measurable and has more reach

Yes, we can measure the return, with data generation, of all online actions and strategies. It is possible to monitor efficiency and outcomes. Many companies also invest in studies of data resulting from campaigns, which generates a series of benefits and studies of consumer behavior.

In traditional media, the reach of the vehicle or media is directly linked to the value of the ad and the result of the disclosure. With online ADS, we are able to segment better, display to an infinitely greater number of people with less investment and, in addition, we have the “cost per click”. Which means that the audience increases and the company pays only for Internet users who click on the ad.


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4 - Digital marketing is less invasive

Traditional media interrupt programming to spread a message. Digital marketing, on the other hand, does the opposite: in Google Ads, for example, ads are shown to consumers or people who are looking for a particular product and service or, in the worst case, something directly related to it.

The views on social networks are based on interests, and if a follower is no longer interested in certain content or company, he/she will only unfollow that page.


5 - Digital marketing connects and segments

One of the maxims of digital marketing is to convey the message in the channel where the potential customer is. When we talk about connection and transforming digital into the real world, we can go much further than simply seeing a product on the Internet and going to a physical store to buy it. With technologies such as augmented reality, QR Code and several other resources, the possibilities are endless.  


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Fabíola Cottet
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