Email marketing: tips to apply to your campaigns

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August 1, 2022

There are many people who believe that email marketing no longer works. However, we can say that, doubtlessly, within a well-used strategy, it is a great way to engage leads, customers and also  provide exclusive offers and products, in addition to releases, to the customer base that is already established.

But here comes the question: but folks, nobody opens newsletters or email marketing. Well, that is right and wrong at the same time. If your email is “just one more”, no one will open it. However, there are several ways to stand out and greatly increase the delivery and engagement rate of your emails. Thinking about these ways, we have gathered below some tips that can be very useful for your sales funnel. Check them out!

01 - Subject, extension and data

The first thing that every email marketing should have is a catchy subject that piques the receiver's curiosity.  Also, pay close attention to the number of characters in the title: if it is too long, it may be cut off in the mobile version. So, always keeping between 40 and 80 letters and spaces is ideal.

Finally, a very important tip that applies to all the texts you direct, in your company's communication channels, to the external audience: use data. Percentages, research numbers and data bring the subject to the material and make it more attractive and impactful.

02 - Balance and the correct use of the languages

It may seem obvious, but it is not. News must be well written. Read and reread before submitting, checking several times for grammatical or typographical deviances. Ah, never forget not to use capital letters unnecessarily. In addition to being incorrect, it can give the reader the wrong feeling or interpretation. That is why, here at MAVERICK 360, we have the philosophy of always leaving each specialist in their field: ideally, an advertising copywriter or a journalist writes this type of text.

Also have a good balance between text and image: 40% image, 60% text. And, preferably, if you are going to send email with photos, create it in HTML.

Use images, emojis, fill in the preheader but always sparingly. Don't exaggerate in colors, try not to use red in text (it usually characterizes spam) and remember that it is not a treaty but an email, ok?

03 - Do not forget the Call to Action (CTA)

The use of CTAs is extremely important in online communication, in general, and even more relevant in emails. It is the one who will direct your lead to take the next step: buy, sign up, join the waiting list, download material, etc.

Moreover, it is important that the targeting of the CTA is the same throughout the email and that it is inside a highlight button, right at the beginning of the content.

04 - Relevant content and promotions

A good email marketing is only successful if it is exactly what your lead is looking for or, if for some reason or technique, it arouses the reader's interest in that subject. There is no point, for example, in sending an email talking about the need to buy life insurance, for example, to a customer base of an insurance brokerage that already has this product.

Instead, for example, the company can think, following the same example above, of a monthly discount campaign so that customers who have life insurance purchase the residential with a great promotion. Discounts, first-hand releases and exclusive content are great examples of how you can conquer your customer and audience even more.

05 - Unsubscribe, care and multiplatform

Your email marketing should also have an unsubscribe option. Many want to hide this option, but the damage is great because, instead of unsubscribing, your message will be marked as spam.

When sending an email, two things are essential: it must be designed to be cross-platform, that is, open and viewed on mobile, tablet and pc. The second is that the email triggering platform must be very well configured and the person sending the email needs to be very attentive not to make basic mistakes, such as putting the sending in an open copy.

06 - Segment and monitor

Finally, segment your contact lists very well, keeping them always up to date and always monitoring the sending result, open rate, link clicks and other data that can be used in future improvements and strategies. After all, the success of a marketing strategy is also based on evolution, testing and constant learning!

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