E-commerce: necessity and tips for sales success

August 1, 2022

Before having an idea of the size of the growth of online sales through digital channels, it is worth remembering that e-commerce was already on an upward curve and with even greater growth prospects in the next 10 years. However, according to data from Neotrust, the pandemic accelerated this evolution: in relation to 2018, 2019 caused Brazilian e-commerce to grow by about 23%. In 2020, in the first eight months alone, the expansion was approximately 57% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Of course, we are, worldwide, experiencing an atypical moment. But some lessons, learnings and new ways of doing things are here to stay and promise not to end after the pandemic ceases. E-commerce is something that is already consolidated. And more, it tends to grow a lot. Well, having said that, how to strategically think about your company's online commerce, achieve success and sell more?

We have already mentioned here that this will be the year of the digital revolution. Access the full article by clicking here.

01 - New store

In addition to the need for digitization, as we have argued so far, the first lesson that must be learned and thought about is that you are not simply digitizing your store, you are opening a new sales environment, which requires investment, planning, care, updating of stock, customer service, efficiency and the same good relationship with the public that your physical space should have.

02 - Understand your target audience

Want to be successful in sales? The first step is to act in a really relevant market and understand your audience. To give you an idea, according to data from IBGE, a percentage between 60% and 65% of companies in Brazil go bankrupt in their first five years of existence. The main reasons: lack of planning, opening a business out of simple necessity, lack of training and poor management.

So, before starting your e-commerce, even if your company already has a physical environment, study the market, the new tool, invest in qualified professionals to set up your digital environment and, above all, know who your audience and personas are.

03 - Ensure excellence

Do not forget that, regardless of whether you work with a product or service, you sell a solution to your customer and, part of this solution, in the case of online commerce, is delivery, in addition to the quality of the product.

In the online environment, product reviews and ratings carry enormous weight. Who has never been to see the reviews before deciding whether or not to buy any product/service?  So, base your e-commerce on three basic pillars: product quality, delivery and excellent customer service.

04 - Dissemination

There is no point in investing in an online channel if you do not promote it, right? Do not forget that, generally, many stores set up a virtual environment and end up spreading the news only among the already frequent customers of the environment. An e-commerce allows you to increase your radius of action, your number of sales exponentially, the variety of products, as well as to make more aggressive promotions and increase, a lot, your revenue.

A good digital marketing strategy, combined with content, influencers, traffic, boosting and branding will make your online business take off.

05 - Use data and invest in technology

When we talk about online advertising and marketing, the measurement of results is much broader and more assertive than in offline media. Therefore, use this data and reports generated by the platforms and tools in favor of your company: review, implement improvements, change strategies, have insights, optimize time and resources.

Also, and finally, going back a little to what we mentioned at the beginning of this article, when you are going to set up a physical store you need a structure, right? And in this space, the owner thinks about every detail: lighting, architecture, customer experience, etc. The online store does not need this type of expense, but it still needs a good structure and, in this case, focusing on the customer experience is the channel for doing so. Invest in technology, a good platform, navigability, usability, customer service, after-sales, means of payment and security.


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