Don't you know how to implement your company's communication? We do! Get a MAVERICK 360 consultancy

August 1, 2022

Don’t you know what you need to improve in your company's communication? No idea why you have few or no conversions across channels? Having difficulties implementing tools? Not sure on how to generate reports and use metrics to your advantage? Willing to do it internally, but having difficulties with the strategy? Do you have questions about visual identity? Can't find a graphic line? Does it take hours and hours to write content and you are still not satisfied?

We understand all of this, we know the reasons and we have the answers to all these questions and much more! And the best: you can access them in our 360 consulting, formatted in a segmented way for each business and exclusive to your company.

 With MAVERICK 360 consulting, your business will have all the benefits of a complete communication and marketing analysis and diagnosis, carried out by MAVERICK 360 mentors and partners, Rick Garcia and Fabíola Cottet, who have more than 15 years of experience each on the market (learn more about them by clicking here).

The result is a complete study of strengths and weaknesses, improvements in communication and advertising strategies already used, improvement in the integration of digital media and conversion channels, solutions and advice on which paths should be taken and a 360 analysis with the clinical look of those who have expertise on the subject.

Would you like to know if your company is on the right path to become a reference in the market in which it operates? MAVERICK 360 Consulting will tell you that and more, showing you the best way to achieve your marketing goals!


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