Do you know why communication is integrated?

August 1, 2022

Despite digital channels being increasingly strong, a company's communication will always transit between online and offline. And, within these two universes, a corporation needs to communicate with customers, suppliers, employees and the community in general, in a clear, assertive and appropriate way for each profile.

Within a communication plan, it is therefore necessary to outline objectives so that this communication takes place with as little noise as possible. In addition, it is in this planning - carried out in partnership with experts in the area of communication - that how and where the company will communicate with each public will also be defined.

This is where integrated communication comes in and we call it that because it needs, in fact, to be integrated for any communication strategy to be effective. In practice, this means that: investing in press relations, for example, will not be as effective if the corporation's website or social networks do not exist or are outdated, for example.

For communication to be effective and, in fact, the objectives to be achieved, it is necessary that the communication planning consider all areas in which there is a need for communication in the company (whether with external or internal audience), as well as considering all existing channels, the scenario in which the company finds itself and, also, the future perspectives and objectives. In this way, it will be possible to establish strategies to achieve the defined objectives and, above all, define an action plan so that communication between all channels and means is actually integrated and aligned with the company's planning.

Analysis and advance planning may seem like a waste of time. But, in fact, they represent a huge gain when defining an assertive strategy. And, more than that: they guarantee a lot of savings. After all, it is these two points that help in the decision of where to use resources effectively, without the company ending up investing in strategies that were not suitable for its business and, as a result, ending up losing money.

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