Do you know the advertising language?

August 1, 2022

It is know to everyone that the world of advertising, marketing and communication in general has many acronyms and slang, but they are often unknown to many people. In the middle of a conversation with an advertising professional, do you usually get lost? Like, for example, when we say that your ad's CPC was low and it had a very good CPT, for a campaign with a low budget.

If you got lost in that previous sentence, calm down, follow the text that we will explain some slang and expressions.

We start with the famous slang of the advertising world.

Briefing: is that set of important data that the clients or the brand deliver for the development of a project, all the ideas they have about their companies, such as a slogan.

Brainstorming: best known for that meeting with the group of collaborators, so that everyone has countless ideas! The development of a new project or for ideas that were delivered by clients in the briefing!

Branding: is the set of actions aligned with the positioning, purpose and values of the brand. The purpose of branding is to awaken sensations and create conscious and unconscious connections.

CTA: the acronym is increasingly famous on the networks and it means “call to action”. It is nothing more than an action you provide to customers on the web, like that famous “learn more” button or the well-known “swipe/drag up” button.

Leads: are potential customers for a company.

Traffic: is an action to get the number of people to view your online content, whether it is a website, a social network or whatever you advertise Along with traffic comes a high probability of sales and lead search.

Cases: are all works developed by a communication agency. In them it is possible to observe what were the positive points of the work and how the results influence the company. Another variant is the successful cases, the name itself explains, they are all the projects that were a success in the communication environment.

Deadline: one of the most known and talked about as well, it means the maximum deadline to deliver a task or a project.

Follow-up: is the monitoring of a delivered task. It is widely used in the press office and refers to the follow-up of an agenda, carried out by the advisor with vehicles and journalists.

Sales Funnel: are some stages in which customers are in a process that generates sales. Discovery and recognition of problem, solution search, as well as analysis and purchase are the main phases of this process.

Inbound Marketing: are well-prepared marketing strategies, many are used by companies to win leads and convert them with rich content on blogs and social networks.

Landing Page: is that single page site, widely used for capturing leads with a form on the page or also for downloading an e-book for free. It can contain any content in the LP, but the main actions are the previous two.

SEO: as known as “Search Engine Optimization”, SEO is a set of techniques and tools used to keep websites and pages at the top of the Google search page.

Know the most used acronyms for advertising in the media.

CPC – Cost per Click

The ad shows the price for each click on your ad.

CPT – Cost per Thousands

The ad shows the price for 1.000 views of the displayed ad.

CPC – Cost per Engagement

The ad shows the amount you pay for an interaction with the ad, for example: sharing, clicking on a link, watching a video and liking.

CPV – Cost per View

The ad shows how much you pay for a video view.

In all cases you can set your maximum cost per desired action.

In the midst of communication work, these terms are already on the tip of the tongue, but many people who still do not know these acronyms and slang end up getting lost, failing to understand anything in a meeting or just in a conversation.

Now you that you are aware of the main slang and expressions used, you will be able to understand that advertising friend who likes to speak beautifully!

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