Do I need a press office?

Press Office
August 3, 2022

The answer is: if you want to become a source of information and reference for your audience and community, in the area in which you operate, yes. And believe us, this makes all the difference to your business and we will explain why.

Think about the following situation: you are in need to go to a clinical analysis laboratory for an exam. By name, you know several and your doctor recommends a few more. In addition, every morning you pass a path that shows billboards and is hit by those advertisements. However, before scheduling your appointment, you are watching the evening news and see an article in which three people from a laboratory are interviewed: an infectious disease specialist, the doctor in charge and another technician talking about the structure and facilities. Invariably, you will associate the image of this laboratory with prestige and tradition and, even more, you will schedule your exam in it.

And how much did the laboratory spend to appear in the media during prime time of the news, with the interviewee being an expert on the subject? Very little. We know that ads in any medium cost a significant amount of money and will always be that: ads. That is, the audience knows they are paid. But the story changes when you have a press office. And that is exactly what the dummy lab used in the previous example had.

The press office is nothing more than your company's relationship with the media. From a briefing, meetings and interviews, it will discover everything that can and should become news within its business: releases, events, specialists who will be indicated as a source, products, meetings and opportunities.

With releases, articles, notes, invitations and topic suggestions ready, local, national or international journalists, depending on the occasion, are provided with this information, which is sent through the most diverse means: email, direct mail, telephone follow-up, meeting approach, among others. Okay, the question you are asking yourself is: how is it possible to be sure that this news will be published? We are not sure about it.

What happens is that press officers are also, above all, journalists. With this, we are able to know what is news and is of interest to the communication media or professional and what is not worth the attempt. Therefore, a good press office team can give a very significant result for your business. The return can be much greater than you think and, believe me, the investment is quickly recouped. Even better, the population, your customers and your audience will trust more what type of communication: an advertisement on a page of a magazine or reading an article and finding your company's name, or even yours, as a source? We assure to you that it is the second option.

At MAVERICK, the press office is carried out by specialized journalists. In addition, the mentor who coordinates the area has more than ten years of expertise in the subject, having served national and international clients, in addition to being experts in crisis management.

Fabíola Cottet
Sócia-diretora | Jornalista
É co-autora do livro "Em pauta: manual prático da comunicação organizacional", publicado pela Editora Intersaberes. Jornalista, especialista em assessoria de imprensa e gestão de crise.

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