Chatbot: what it is, what it is for and why your company needs one

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August 1, 2022

We have been living with digital and our robot friends for a long time. Yes, robots indeed, I am not talking about one that does the housework for you (unfortunately), but we are surrounded by them: in teleservice, banking apps, ATMs, social networks, telecommunications and etc. And this list only grows.

An annual survey carried out by Mobile Time, in 2019, showed data on the large growth in the number of development and use of bots. During the year, 61 thousand bots were created in a customized manner in the 85 companies participating in the study alone. This means an increase of almost 259% compared to 2018. Another surprising fact is that the traffic of these bots implemented in 2019 is around 1 billion messages per month, which further demonstrates the proximity of brands to users, even if it is through robots.

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Still on the study, one more important piece of data is the channels for which automation and technology companies most develop the bots. Facebook Messenger first, at the top of the list, followed by websites and WhatsApp, respectively. We will talk about this later, but their features go beyond the initial contact with the customer, as the survey also talks about purposes and features, ranging from Customer Service (CS) to entertainment. The top 3: CS, sales, support and backoffice.


But what is chatbot about?‍

In general, it is nothing more than a software that talks to a person in a natural way. Of course, over the years, the level of customization and optimization has improved and we can exemplify this with two well-known programs: Alexa and Siri.

They are the result of digital evolution and were created with the aim of enabling immediate communication, reducing companies' operating costs and expanding companies' ability to return to customers and the audience. Oh, but will robots replace humans? Well, although this is a subject that is not for us to discuss here and full of controversies, facts, data and projections, perhaps it is better looking on the bright side: automations can free human beings from performing repetitive tasks that require little creative and intellectual efforts.

Finally, it is possible to have chatbots in digital and telephone media and, why not, take them to something closer: Amazon did this with the virtual assistant Alexa which, although all based on artificial intelligence, technology and data, is a device that you acquire it and it is in your house, in a physical way.

What is it for?‍

As already mentioned, they interact with the customers of an organization, company or event 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without limitations or schedules. In addition to artificial intelligence (AI), which is used for the most robust and efficient chatbots, there is another more affordable way to implement one: establishing guidelines for the program..

The basic difference between them is that when we talk about AI, we have mechanisms that simulate the human brain and learn while interacting with the user. On the other hand, the one that uses the preestablished rules only responds to a defined number of requests and understands a vocabulary that has already been programmed, that is, it is as intelligent as it was programmed to be, not going beyond that.

Chatbot can be used with the most varied facilities: marketing, sales, after-sales, customer service, surveys, etc.


Why does your company need one?‍

If with everything we've said, you're still not convinced of the need for your company to have a chatbot, we'll give you another strong reason: the world is digital. The evolution of technology in recent years moves at a fast pace and faster than the speed of light. Not to mention the forced change the world had to go through due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which made many companies have to digitize themselves overnight to keep their activities going on.

Gartner, in one of its studies, predicts that, by next year, more than 85% of interactions with customers and the audience will be done without humans Another survey, conducted by Salesforce, showed that 80% of consumers say the brand experience is as important as the products or services they offer.

Chatbots allow you to improve the user experience, bringing benefits to both the company and the customer, such as process optimization, speed of service, unlimited scalability of people served at a time or time, cost reduction, alternative to the sales channels already traditions, ease and practicality, among many others.

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