But is it still worth having a website?

Digital Marketing
August 1, 2022

To be blunt, yes, it is still worth investing in a website for your brand! But calm down, we will tell you in this text the reasons why a website is one of the most important tools for your company.

The first reason is a quick example to convince you right away: when you are willing to buy a specific electronic device, do you search on social media or Google? 99% of people do their searches on Google, that is the main reason your business needs a website.

When we talk about online sales, then, it is not only important as it becomes essential and the company's biggest investment channel.  E-commerce, as sales sites are called, basically becomes a new store for your company, with infinite possibilities. To attract several customers daily, the brand needs a very well done SEO and well planned by experts, as well as conversion and marketing strategies.

The second reason is that your website serves as a business card. New customers, the general audience or old and loyal consumers can search for contact information, a specific product, get extra information on the blog and, from there, purchase a new service or product. The website as a business card serves to convey credibility, information and updates to those who are interested in the brand.

With a website you can get to know your customer, without the need for physical contact. How? It is very easy, for each internet user has a behavior within your brand's website and all this is traceable. These statistics range from how many clicks the person made within the site and on which buttons, form information, how they have reached to the page and, finally, with all this information you can direct your website to people with the same or similar behavior as you consider ideal.

Another detail is that a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) field on your website is extremely important, as it advances several frequently asked questions from customers and avoids extra costs and loss of team time in answering repeated questions.

These were just some important matters for you to still invest in creating a website for your brand. We can also highlight some topics to convince you even more! With a website, you have more authority, relationship with customers, have an updated and more interactive place for sales, show credibility, much lower cost compared to physical commerce, etc. Finally, on the website you provide all available information about your company such as e-mails, phone number, location and much more!

Interested in developing a website? Count on a team of subject matter experts and get ahead in the digital age!

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