Branding: what is it, how is it bred and what does it eat?

August 3, 2022

What comes to your customers' minds when they think of your company? And your employees? What is the audience's reaction when they hear, for example, the O Boticário brand name? In this case, everyone invariably associates it with beauty, well-being, trust, history and respect for everyone.

That is what branding is: adding value to your brand, without mentioning price or your product directly. They are the sensations that you, as a company, cause in your target audience and in the community as a whole. In addition, it is also the management of this brand, making it increasingly positive, known and remembered.

After all, a company needs and should be structured, planned, organized, managed and promoted in some way, right? In the same way, your brand should do so because it is the identity of the company. It is responsible for establishing your presence in the market and ensuring the success of your business against the competition, in an increasingly saturated commercial scenario.

The main element of the visual identity is the logo. It is related to a network of conceptual meanings established by the standardization of colors, fonts, images, shapes and textures, transmitting the company's values through a non-verbal message.

In short, branding strategies make the brand have a good reputation, growing in a healthy and sustainable way. Managing a brand involves a series of tasks: naming, logo, concept, storytelling, visual identity, font study, color study and brand manual.

Brand creation, in turn, is permeated by a process that involves understanding the company's culture and values, market reference research, bank image research that translates the brand's concepts and values and, finally, the “reason why” - which is related to the purpose of the visual identity.

Other aspects of branding that are very important are the personality and tone of the brand. Is it casual? Is it an expert? Does it want to convey seriousness and tradition or break paradigms and modernity? All this, these values and many others are transmitted through branding.

Do not forget that the value of your company depends on the strength of its image, that is, even if the product is not 100%, if the brand has a certain authority, people will buy it and give it a vote of confidence.

Would you like to be remembered by your audience and, in addition to promoting your product, be seen in the market as an identity company? Contact us!  Your company will become synonymous with credibility, quality and trust. Contact us by email.

Rick Garcia
Sócio-diretor | Publicitário
Em sua carreira atendeu empresas reconhecidas internacionalmente, destacando entre elas a RPC (afiliada Globo), Fundação Banco do Brasil, Claro, Oi, Cyrela, THÁ, Jandira Alimentos, Chef Vergé e Bem Me Quer.

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