A bread that does not yeast does not grow

August 1, 2022

No, you have not read the title wrong. And, no, this will not be a text about cooking. The sentence above is a provocation to ask you: have you ever stopped to think about the time of things? In life, everything takes time, everything has its time: production, maturation, growth, development. And respecting that time, without a doubt, is fundamental. After all, you have surely heard the saying “haste is the enemy of perfection”, right?

With the world getting faster and the routine more and more accelerated, I believe that we tend to run over things and want everything “for yesterday”. But in the end, it is no use, everything has its time. That is why, here at Maverick, we like (and we are even proud!) to respect that. A good layout takes time to design, develop and deliver. A good text needs time to be thought out, structured and well written. And so it is with any and every service - even bread!

When we do not respect this, we certainly skip fundamental steps for a project to be successful. And one of the most important - which is always overlooked - is planning. Planning may seem like a huge waste of time, but it is the key to the success of most strategies - if not all!

In Communication, this applies to all areas: from the press office, through the development of a website, to the launch of a product or service. After all, there is no point in having an excellent product or service that will revolutionize the market if, when releasing it, you have not planned every step of this release. At the end of the day, to remember another saying, do not forget: those who are in a hurry, eat raw.

Therefore, if you need strategies that are really planned, aligned with the purpose of your business and that are, in fact, effective, count on the expertise of MAVERICK 360. Contact us:


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