4 ways the press office can get around hard news

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August 1, 2022

The first half of September 2021 was filled with hard news, news that focused the attention of journalistic newsrooms and can change the planning of agendas for the day, week or month. The political (with September 7th demonstrations), sports (interruption of the Brazil and Argentina game), economic (record inflation) and artistic (Tiago Leifert’s signing off from Globo) environments moved the news. With lean newsrooms, this bodes ill for press offices, which may see their dissemination plans being swallowed up by hard news.

That is why it is essential to have tactics to get around the situation and let customers know what is happening on the news. After all, if the clients are the main interested party in the "sale of the agenda", it is better that they also understands these reasons for changing plans. In this text, we have separated four strategies for the press office to get around the hard news and manage to get agendas.

01 - Be clear with the client

The company served by the press office needs to understand the moment of digitalization of newsrooms and how much leaner they are. As much as newspapers maintain their editorial sections, it is essential to always clarify: in many cases, a journalist may be responsible for more than one section, or be a reporter for different areas. And, in cases of sudden changes in agendas because of hard news, suggestions from press offices may have to wait.

02 - Start with sectorized

Even though the objective of the press office is always to choose vehicles with greater reach, in these cases it is recommended to start with sectorized mailings. That is, instead of suggesting the culture agenda for a big news site, it is better to choose portals focused on the sector. Wait for the dust to settle in the major media to then make your suggestion for an agenda.

03 - Be understanding

If there is no alternative and you need to suggest the agenda amid the turmoil of hard news, at the time of follow up, show that you know the situation, but that you would like to leave a suggestion for an agenda with your colleague in the newsroom. Empathy can always make a difference to future contacts, especially in these moments.

04 - Change the plans

If the situation is irreversible in the news and your journalistic flair realizes that the mood will last longer, it is time to replan the demands internally and with the client. It may be more appropriate to wait a few weeks to sell your story. Go to your schedule and see if another theme can be worked on. Another option is to make opportune links with the events. In March 2020, for example, with the arrival of the pandemic, this was a topic that came to dominate many agendas, which had to be reworked with adaptations to the new reality. It was no different with the press office. In fact, soon we will tell you more about some of the strategies we have already used and how they have been fundamental for our customers.

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