Would you like to appear in the media as an interviewee and expert, generating even more value for your brand and gaining the public's trust?


Do you want to become a source of information in your segment for the big media? Do you wish to appear in the media as an interviewee and expert, generating even more value for your brand and gaining the public's trust? That is what the press office does for you.

Become news and source for mainstream media!


At MAVERICK, your company will be served by a specialized journalist who will mediate between you and the media, generating agendas from your company's news, feeding the vehicles with releases, notes, articles, agenda suggestions and interviewees, among other materials.

See below the processes involving the press office and other related actions.
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The press office is based on an entire communication planning and execution of this plan, so that your company becomes a reference for society, being remembered as an expert in the area of ​​operation and, in addition, the spokespersons are remembered sources by large vehicles.

This is all done by an experienced and specialized journalist who bridges the gap between the media and the company, making all the relationships with the press, which can be local, regional, national or international. Some of the steps in the process are:- Complete briefing;

- Action planning;
- Survey of guidelines;
- Q&A;- Media training;
- Preparation of releases, calls, notes, invitations, articles, agenda suggestions, source suggestions, among others;
- Delivery to targeted journalists and mainstream media;
- Follow up;
- Monitoring of interviews;
- Organization of press conferences;
- Event coverage;- Preparation, organization and sending of press kits;
- Communication planning;
- Clipping;
- Specialized mailing of national and international journalists.
Media training2/5
Media training is one of the important processes in press relations, as a specialized journalist from MAVERICK 360, or a team, will train your company's spokespersons to give interviews. Yes, this service is included in the press office package but can also be offered separately.

On the occasion and on the appointed day, MAVERICK will offer all the knowledge so that the company will always be able to keep a good image in the media. We will work with lessons ranging from where to look, for example, at the time of a television interview, how to prepare, better punctuating ideas, intonation in the voice, tone of conversation, speed, controversial issues, among other important aspects that are not only for press service but also for any situation that involves, in addition to the media, your target audience and customers.

In addition to media training, we provide a series of training courses, aimed at marketing and sales. Let's have some coffee and talk about how we can help your company grow even more?
Press kit3/5
The press kit can have several reasons to be created, but the most common are openings, large announcements with press conferences, launching of new products or services, among others.

It usually contains advertising material, releases, information about the business, product or event, freebies, invitations, among other means of information. Anything fits in a press-kit as long as the purpose is to add. The material can have various formats and even be digital. In addition to being sent to journalists, it can target influencers, customers and any segmented and interesting audience for a given action.
Events are a very important part of a good press office strategy. The production, planning, organization and promotion of an event that was well built can make all the difference for a release, an inauguration or a new company action.

The events, in addition to providing proximity to a company's partners and customers, bring the possibility of getting closer to the media, which is extremely beneficial for any company.
Press conference5/5
The organization of press conferences is part of the staff's work. In them, some important announcement must be broadcast and, in addition to the spokespersons being present to clarify what happened to the public through the media, there is the opportunity for closer conversations with journalists and professionals in the field.

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