Value impact

Do you know how your customer feels about your brand? What about your team and network of suppliers and partners? Also, what image do you want to convey to your audience? Well, all these issues are resolved with a good branding strategy.

After all, what is branding? We can say that it is directly linked to the monetary value of your brand, but mainly and extremely related to the intangible value that your company has. It is a symbolic representation that, associated with a network of conceptual meanings established by the standardization of images, senses, colors, fonts, shapes and textures, transmit the company's values through a non-verbal message.

What is related to Branding?

Brand creation1/8
Adding value and meaning to everything we do, this is one of MAVERICK 360's mottos.Do not forget that your logo must be a symbol of change and not a change of symbol.Our creation process involves:

- Creation and creative concept;
- Understanding the brand's culture and values;
- Search for market references;
- Search for images that translate the brand concept;
- Creation of a complete visual identity, with conceptual meanings;
- Definition of color palette, textures, fonts and uses;
- Application of the result in digital mockups for better visualization.
Brand reinforcement | Ad2/8
Advertising campaigns (ads) focused on brand reinforcement are creative actions that aim to make an impact on the audience based on the experience offered. They tend to have, for the most part, a conceptual communication tone and seek to convey the values that the company or product offers to the public, leaving aside the need to generate purchase intention.

We develop advertising campaigns with intelligent planning and budget management. Acting in this format and, in parallel, operating with the creativity of MAVERICK 360, the possibilities are truly endless, including the production of videos, ads, events, flash mobs, guerrilla marketing, making of advertising pieces and everything that your business need to reach the planned recognition.

Contact us and tell us more about your project, we can create together, with co-creation methodologies, the perfect advertising campaign!
Design is an important part of your business' visual identity, and all these elements together make up the branding. It makes the standardization of your company's image happen, contributing and adding to the growth of the universe of what the brand offers, making the consumer feel as being part of the environment and making the identification in relation to the visual identity arise.

Strengthen your branding even more with punctual campaigns, graphic pieces and updating your media and products that need design, both online and offline. With this, your client and public will immediately notice the difference and the attention your company dedicates to details, resulting in greater brand credibility. In the next topics, see some design-related services that can be applied to different materials.

Stationery Items4/8
Your company's stationery is made up of all the printed material that you use internally or with your customers and audience.

It can also accompany company representatives and even be distributed to a segmented and selected group of people to give more strength to your brand. In addition, stationery can even be distributed as a gift, in some cases. Some materials that make it up are:

- Visit cards;
- Letterhead;
- Folders;
- Envelopes;
- Notepad;
- Recipes.
The first impression is what, in fact, remains. And it is no use saying we do not judge by the cover, because we do. To prove it, imagine the following scenario: you are in the supermarket and need or want to purchase a product that you have never purchased before and do not have any relevant knowledge or information about the options available. Why would you choose the product if value did not matter?

Whatever your product or service is available, quality packaging makes all the difference when it comes to attracting your consumer's attention, conveying the brand's values, concepts and qualities.
There are many goals for creating a presentation of your company. It can have a commercial focus, which exposes products, assisting and supporting the sales team. In addition, the presentation can serve to showcase the company's vision, mission and values, and can also be used to convert a sale or close an agreement.

Regardless of the purpose, they have one function in common: to help you get the right message across when you are there and, even more important, to get the message across when you are not.

What MAVERICK 360 Presentations Include:

- Planning and brainstorming (goals, target audience, language);
- Content made by experts, with spelling revision and within the target language standard;
- Information Architecture;
- Creation (design that reinforces the branding);- Support, changes and production negotiation.
Catalog or Menu7/8
The company's catalog or menu is a showcase for the products or services offered. It is extremely important for several areas: restaurants, bars, industries, shops and businesses in general.

What draws attention is that your catalog or menu can be virtual or printed. In the physical version, there are a number of effects and possibilities. However, as almost everything is digital today, there is a need to migrate to online. On the internet, the possibilities are endless and visibility and reach end up being much greater, if a good dissemination strategy is applied.

Check out the production process of MAVERICK 360 catalogs or menus:

- Creation or adaptation of an existing visual identity for the products traded;
- Treatment of previous images and photographs or indication and monitoring of the production of new photos;
- Textual content, with description and important aspects of each product;
- Design aligned with the company's branding;
- Support, changes and negotiation of production.
Visual Communication8/8
The visual communication of your business (whether in the form of a sign in front of your company, indicating your name and what it proposes, even more complex actions such as videos and displays networks) is extremely important, after all, wherever If your customer goes, whether at one of the company's stores or at the factory, the message conveyed through the brand's visual communication must be the same, making them feel in the same place.

MAVERICK 360 leaves everything related to the business looking like your brand: stickers for products, facades, signs, promotional material for employees, personalization of products and fleet, personalization of showcases, standardization of packaging and displays, among many others.

Branding process

At the beginning of every branding project, we carry out a brief market analysis to understand the current position of the business.
After market research, we also study each competitor and the unique possibilities that your business offers to stand out from them.
A brand is not just a logo or design, it is a set of sensations and experiences.
A successful logo can easily express its full purpose in one symbol. For that, it needs symmetry, balance and harmony.
Colors are able to quickly connect us to certain emotions, which is why the study of their psychology is so important.
In addition to all the elements mentioned above, we standardize the use of all fonts that make up the brand's universe.
Textures and graphics that support brand communication are also important for strong, lasting branding.
For enabling you to check the final result of the project, we present all our work in mockups, which are applications that show where your brand can be inserted.
Our presentation is a show apart. A surprise you cannot miss!